Writesonic Review 2021: The best ever AI copywriting tool

Do you want to write a highly engaging marketing copy with less effort and time?

If Yes, then first,

You must know that copywriting has the power to influence people who READ your content.

And behind all your marketing efforts, a compelling copy plays a key role.

It makes a brand popular in this competitive environment by building a strong audience base. (YES, IT DOES)

So be ready, because I am going to surprise you with an outstanding copywriting tool here in this Writesonic review in 2021.

Keep in mind that as good as your writing copy will be, easier it is to attract people for marketing, sales, and business purpose.

But, the problem is,

Many of you are not good at writing an engaging copy so, will it divert the interests of your prospects?

Yes, chances are they can lose interest in your products and services due to a poorly written copy.

Keeping them interested in your business means you have to come up with a premium quality marketing copy, which can INFLUENCE them.

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So now, read this Writesonic review to find out how it eases your copywriting job.

What is a Writesonic copywriting tool?          

                                                    Writesonic review

If you’ve been struggling to find a copywriting tool that meets all your expectations and is easy to use, then say HELLO! To Writesonic.

Let’s explore its hidden capabilities and features in this Writesonic review:-

What it is?

Writesonic is a South Africa-based one of the best copywriting tools that use AI technology for copywriting.

For Whom it is?

It is an ideal choice for marketers, small business owners, agencies, and anyone else who wants a creative piece.

How does it help?

It will help you to create appealing blog posts, sales pages, and more, all without any requirement of HTML and CSS knowledge.

This is the latest copywriting software that offers a creative way to write engaging content for your social media post, emails, Blogs, Articles, website content and so on.


Now, it’s time to get familiar with some of its features in this Writesonic review.

  • Available for use in 24 languages
  • No credit card details are required for using this tool
  • Able to produce 20+ copy types
  • Features can be customized and added on request
  • Delivers premium quality copies

Benefits of using the Writesonic Copywriting Tool

Incorporating Writesonic AI copywriting tool for your copywriting need has the following benefits:

1) Reduce your effort and time

Drafting and planning a persuasive copy demands a lot of effort.

It takes hours in research, planning, understanding the brand, and so on before finalizing the copy.

Moreover, it’s struggling as well as time taking to generate quality copy for a copywriter.

The Writesonic AI copywriting tool facilitates the job of writers by producing the required copy within few clicks.

2) Build Strong Online Reputation

How a brand can build a positive reputation among the targeted audience?

Copywriting is one of the unexplored secrets of this problem.

Writers know to use this secret smartly in copy generation, but, sometimes, even pro copywriters struggle with it.

It mainly happens in the instances when a writer encounters writer’s block.

However, using Writesonic AI copywriting tool, you can easily tackle that.

And you know what?

This will help in building a positive reputation among your targeted prospects.

3) Increases Conversion Rate

If someone visits your site, it clearly means the visitor has some interest in your website.

Now, your responsibility is to convince them for buying your product or service.

In this process, a marketing copy can be a great help.

This is because,

Having an effective copy on your site increases the conversion rate.

You can easily boost the conversion rate on your site using this copywriting tool.

4) Stand Out Among Competitors

Competitors can outgrow your business by creating copies better than you do.

It can provide you with the right marketing copy ideas, which can pass your intended message to customers.

Now, it’s time to explore how the Writesonic copywriting tool works in this Writesonic review.

How Writesonic Copywriting tool works?

Writesonic is a widely popular and featured cloud-based copywriting tool, which is empowered by AI technology.

It primarily runs with the help of natural language processing tools.

Writesonic review: How writesonic works?

Any person, marketer, or blogger, can use it for their personal and business needs.

To understand how you can use it, perform the given steps below.

1) Log in

Open any browser of your choice on your desktop. In the given search box, copy and paste this URL “https://writesonic.com/”.

You will see the interface as shown above. Click on the “Sign Up” button for creating a new account. You can log in using the “Sign in” button too.

When the sign-in page will open, you can log in with your account details or use Google log-in option.

2) Create your Project

Writesonic Copywriting Tool: Create a Project

After signing in to Writesonic, you will get the page as appeared above.

Here, you have to add a “new project” to begin.

Hit on the “New Project” button to add one.

You only have to provide a name for your project. Now, click on the project you have just created.

3) Select the Copy Type 

Writesonic copywriting software: Select the Copy Type

On the next page, choose from a wide variety of copy types. You can choose according to your requirements.

Writesonic copywriting tool: Digital Ad Copy Creating

To show you a demo, We are going to create a Facebook ad copy that is present under the digital ad copy.

Click on the “Facebook ads”.

4) Describe your Product/Brand

Writesonic review: Describe your Product

After that, you will get the following page where you have to mention the product/name, a short description, and other details.

5) Generate Ad Copy

Once you fill in all the details, hit on the “Generate Facebook Ads” button.

The results will show up at the bottom.

We got five ad results using Writesonic at the cost of one credit.

What kind of content Writesonic can produce?

1) Digital Ad Copy

Under the digital ad copy type, you are allowed to create copy relevant to Google ad generation, Facebook ad generation, and Linkedin ad generation.

2) Writing Tools

Writesonic Tool: Digital Ad copy

If you are a blogger, email marketer, or content marketer, you can use Writesonic for getting article topic, intro, etc.

3) Social Media Copy

Writesonic review 2021: Social media copy

Social media marketers can rely on Writesonic for the conversion of a blog post into a short social media post.

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4) Website Copy

Writesonic Review Copywriting tool: Website Copy

SEO marketers can create landing pages and meta tags for various web pages with Writesonic.

5) E-commerce Copy

Writesonic Best Copywriting Tool: Ecommerce Copy

Businesspersons and digital marketers can get product descriptions with the Writesonic copywriting tool.

6) Other Tools

Writesonic copywriting software 2021: Other Tools

You can discover a lot of ideas with the “Other tools” copy type.

From getting product names, start-up ideas to constructing a company or personal bio, Writesonic lets you do every copywriting task with ease.

Pricing Plans

writesonic price

We are impressed with the potential of Writesonic and it pushed me to create this Writesonic review.

Considering all the other details, we feel it’s important to tell you the pricing plans too.

If you are making up your mind to purchase the Writesonic tool, you might get surprised to see the pricing plans.

The starter plan is costing only $10/month.

But what we suggest you do is buy a professional or business plan.

They will provide you access to more features with unlimited credits.

What did We like about Writesonic?

First, we were feeling skeptical regarding its capabilities as shown on the home page.

However, our minds changed when we were getting the results exactly as we wanted.

One of our team members signed up on the site and then we received 10 credits to use the tool.

For every copy generation, one credit was deducted.

However, thanks to the Writesonic for giving us FREE credit by doing some activities.


With this Writesonic review, We want to clear that many AI copywriting tools are there like copy AI, Copysmith etc.

All of them do the same work, but what differentiates Writesonic from them is the credit feature and to-the-point results.

People can earn the credits by writing reviews, following its account handle on Twitter and LinkedIn.

And don’t forget that there are many other features to explore and you can do this by signing up or buying the tool today.

If this Writesonic review helps you in any manner, kindly leave feedback.

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