WazirX Review: Check Features, Fees & more to Trade Crypto

According to the PR News Wire forecast, the global market size of digital currency will reach around

$1087 million by  2026.

You can’t measure the level of impact it is going to create in the future.

It may transform the entire financial industry.

Cryptocurrency has become valuable because it offers transparency, security, and easy accessibility.

cryptocurrency- wazirx review

Not only this, investing in cryptocurrency will give you back profitable returns.

So how will you invest in cryptocurrencies?

There are many app which allow you to invest.

In this blog,

We are about to do WazirX review, which is World’s trustworthy and safe trading platform for customers internationally to buy, trade

and sell over 100 digital assets.

In case you are planning to invest, but in cryptocurrency exchange, but don’t know where to start, WazirX can help you.

It’s a great platform for cryptocurrency exchange and investment.

So let’s begin WazirX reviews..

WazirX Review: At A Glance

WazirX is a big hit in India with overgrowing users.

It observed drastic growth of 2,648 percent in the user signs ups from tire II and tier III cities of India.

And now, its expansion at the global level has increased the user base to more than 7 million.

Due to the extensive features and amazing capabilities, Binance acquired it in November 2019 that even made it more popular.

Indubitably saying, it’s more than a cryptocurrency platform that you will understand after reading this review.

Features Of WazirX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

wazirx website

Easy to Use

Creating your account on WazirX is a cinch.

It will take not more than 10 minutes to build your account.

For completing KYC you need to enter-

  • Full name as appearing on KYC document
  • Date of birth
  • Address as per the KYC document

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important features especially when your online money is in stake.

Customer support of Wazirx is quite complex, however its important as security plays a vital role in saving your money. 

Even we tried contacting them and unexpectedly, the response came when required.

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Cross-Platform Support

It is available to use on all the major platforms, including – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web, etc.

Advanced Trading Feature

WazirX has been made with the latest and innovative approach.

Its peer-to-peer exchange system is the newly introduced P2P engine to connect buyers with sellers instantly.

You can buy USDT and pay for it to the user directly.

Enhanced Security

The use of blockchain and two-step verification keep your funds secure to your WazirX account.

It also complies with the KYC/AML guidelines for avoiding any issue in fund management.


It’s not only about the speed of the transaction, but also about the seamless running of the app within its interface.

Both are of superior speed because of their scalability.

It efficiently handles plenty of transactions in a second.

Cons of WazirX

The worst thing in this app is the security process which is quite hectic and complex. However we are impressed with its customer support which reply on time.

WazirX Review: What makes the WazirX special?

Is there any platform that rewards its users on doing cryptocurrency exchange?

Yes, it’s WazirX, which makes it a preferred choice for many crypto traders.

  • With its referral program, you can earn a 50% commission for every trade made by your friend.
  • Another feature that lures the traders is the WazirX token. It’s best for those who want to trade in the long term on WazirX.
  • If you are invested in the WazirX token, it’s best to hold it because the future has more to offer for WazirX token investors.
  • There is something for skilled traders too. They can make smart tokens and put them up for purchase. When he generates a certain amount of profit on the investor’s portfolio, then the value of the token goes up. By doing this, a professional trader can earn a 25% commission on the profit made.
  • WazirX comes with low trading fees, meaning you can earn high returns on your investment.

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Why you should use WazirX App?

  • Most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in India
  • Free account opening
  • Lowest brokerage charges
  • Fast account opening process

Bottom Line

Hope this WazirX review helps you to understand the basics of cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

With right tactics and patience, you can earn money from the comfort of your home.

This cryptocurrency exchange platform is packed with robust features and functionality.

You can also drop your view in the comments below.

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