The Science of High-Converting Landing Page: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

While the average landing page conversion rates stay around 2.5%, a well-made landing page can achieve as much as over a 10% conversion rate.

From your ad message to the service you offer and even your graphics, a variety of factors have a say in it. So while your PPC ad gains more clicks, what is it that’s stopping you from achieving higher sales numbers?

Making minor changes to your landing page can help you achieve a conversion rate of 3-

5 times higher than the average ones.

Read on to know how you can do that.

Get Focused on Your Goal

Be specific about what you are trying to achieve with your ad. 

The visitors on your landing page have a lower attention span. 

So your approach must be clear as to whether you want to have a signup page as the landing or a products page.

Getting a signed form can help you sell online services better while sharing a list of services

can increase sales in your offline store.

Write a Catchy Copy

Writing copy for landing pages

Much like a text message campaign or an email campaign, the copy of the landing page determines your ad’s success. 

Sharing a crisp and concise copy can help you achieve better results because no one likes to read your brand’s made-up stories anymore.

Here is what you must pay special attention to complete writing the landing page copy:

  • Headline

How to Write a High Converting Landing Page Headline (11 tips) |  Landingfolio

Share a headline that compels the reader to read forward and get closer to buying your idea. It shouldn’t be clickbait and share most of the impactful information in seconds of reading.

  • Body

The 30 Best Landing Page Examples To Steal & Profit From

Keep the message powerful yet very concise and short. A visitor who clicks on your yard is already impressed by what you offer. 

To make the final deal, you need to convince them that you are capable of providing those services and other value-added ones.

You must make some kind of imperative messages and instill some urgency in your readers to act quickly. Try to be as transparent as you can and understand why you are collecting their information and what they can expect from you.

  • Call to Action

.What is a Call to Action - Definition and Examples - CoSchedule

Apart from providing hints in the copy, you must also share an option to contact your directly.

Don’t add fluff in the CTA at all. Try to make it as straightforward and actionable as you can.

Customize it according to the buying stage of your customers and create the CTA button


You must also find the right balance between creating too many CTAs and just

ignoring these. Two or three of these should be enough for a 400-word page.

  • Footer

10 Popular Examples Of Website Footer Designs For Your Website | 웹디자인,  프로모션, 디자인

Try to add a proper footer for interested customers to contact you quickly. Let them know

that you’re available to assist you whenever you have a query or doubt regarding what you


 Select Your Target Audience

Target Audience: What is it, How to Define it & Examples

Before trying out ways to convert your customers, you must know them properly. 

A sound understanding of their demands and requirements would let you share the right messages at the right time.

Sharing relatable content is of utmost importance for increasing conversion rates, and audience research is a prerequisite.

Make the Design Attractive

How to Design a Website: 7 Key Principles for visually appealing websites |  The Jotform Blog

Design affects the purchase decision to no limit. 

Something as simple as a sophisticated color and well-placed text can make a huge difference. 

Your customers make or break the deal due to some seemingly useless designs.

Try testing your landing page for various aspects to know if your design is scannable and

comfortable to read. Keep updating the design elements to figure out what works best with your business.

Prepare a List of Benefits

Benefits of To Do ListsRobins Key

What do users come to your website for? To know what you offer. And there’s no better way to let them know about your product’s specialties than listing them in a bullet format on your

website. Prepare a concise and crisp bulleted list with principal product features.

If there’s anything about your product that stands out, don’t forget to list it. 

Also, ensure that this list is arranged in descending order of importance. This way, even if the visitor doesn’t read the entire list, they’ll see the benefits.

Keep Lead Generation Forms Short and Sweet

12 Best Lead Generation Form Examples For Better Conversion

No one likes to be prodded and nagged. The same is true for your visitors. But you do need some information to pursue them later. So how do you find the perfect balance? By keeping your lead generation forms short.

Only ask for the information that you absolutely need. Names and email addresses should be sufficient. The more you try to pry into your visitor, the more discouraged they will be from

filling out your lead generation form. 

So keep that form as short as possible, and make it easily navigable.

Avoid too Many Navigation Links

Are You Making These Common Website Navigation Mistakes?

Landing pages aren’t the right spaces for navigation tabs. As visitors visit your page for the first time, they shouldn’t be bothered with too many links or buttons. Keep the landing page as clean as possible.

You should have a section that leads to your website’s other parts, but it shouldn’t be intrusive. 

No matter what, don’t irritate the user with complex navigation on landing pages.

Adhere to mobile-first principles No matter how much you ignore the fact, internet users are often sticking to their mobile for regular usage. 

If your website isn’t responsive enough for mobile use, it may distract visitors quickly from the landing page.

Try to eliminate reasons for bouncing away from your website by offering a landing page that works on all kinds of platforms, especially mobiles.

Add Multimedia

Ads Creator | Instantly Create Video Ads | Vimeo Create

The importance of adding images and visualizations can’t be stressed more for a landing page. 

People typically avoid going through large blocks of text. 

And it’s always better if you can afford to add multimedia options to your landing page that can impress the visitors and compel them to read on.

Explainer videos substantially increase the chances of lead conversion. Even sharing some graphic stats can increase the reliability of your service and boost landing page conversions.

Test and Track

Tips don’t come in fit all sizes. So you have to experiment continuously.

And to experiment, you must know what works and what doesn’t. There’s no better way to know it than testing. You don’t have to keep gambling with different designs if you track what you’ve done.

Keep tracking different metrics to analyze your landing page’s success. 

Also, try to track visitor reactions to specific sections of your page. If some part of it doesn’t work, scratch it and start afresh. 

As long as you’re willing to track and adapt, your landing page will become a conversion machine.


Apart from focusing on these aspects, you should also flash a guarantee or a special offer to your customers.

Contracts make the consumer feel safe and make your service trustworthy.

Again, try to test your landing page now and remove navigation links so that the visitor only resorts to contacting you. 

Following these tips would surely improve your PPC sales conversions and make the advertisement process smoother.


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