SocialPilot Review 2021: Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

SocialPilot Features: Social Media Management Tools

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Social media marketing has become extremely important for brands today. But the challenge is to manage the presence on all social media platforms efficiently.

This needs to be done in such a way that will not hamper the brands’ online reputation management.

Do you know about any social media management tools? Yes, social media management tools are the ones that help businesses in building a powerful online presence across social media platforms.

At the online marketplace, there are bundles of social media manager app but what separates your business apart is the use of the right tool. Here, we have put focus on SocialPilot and curated this SocialPilot review.

The success of your marketing goals can be determined by “how do you use SocialPilot?”

While researching on several social media management tools, I realized Social Pilot is one of the top social media management tools.

I used it for more than one month and found it a comprehensive tool for social media marketing purposes. Let’s discover more about the tool in this SocialPilot review.

What is Social Pilot?

SocialPilot app is a significant social media marketing automation tool that helps to schedule and analyze all your social marketing activities. Eventually, it benefits the businesses by increasing social media reach. media.

If you are using social media for marketing your business then SocialPilot is all in one solution for managing all your campaigns. You will more know in this SocialPilot review.

Automate post scheduling and enjoy many other unique features with this powerful social media management tool.

The tool allows users to schedule posts to several social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, VK, XING, Google++, Google My Business, and much more.

SocialPilot offers the following services to the users, which are crucial in terms of social media marketing:

  • Analytics
  • Automated Publishing
  • Content Management Conversion
  • Track Multiple Accounts
  • Post Scheduling

Digital marketing agencies around the world and SMBs in the US, Western Europe, and India are already paying focus to SocialPilot.

Many of the customers are from Germany and the Russian region because the focus is mainly on global customers.

SocialPilot Analysis Metrics

  1. Pricing
  2. Features
  3. Integrations
  4. Content Recommendation
  5. Performance Reporting
  6. Socialpilot’s Support

1) SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot prices

Social Pilot concentrates on targeting a large audience base. The tool is mainly designed for small to large enterprises and there is no restriction on using the features.

Below are the available SocialPilot prices and SocialPilot free plans. The top three of them are billed on annual basis:

  • Professional($25.50/yr) — Let you manage 50 social accounts with 200 posts/day and keep around 2500 in the queue.
  • Small Team ($42.50/yr) — Handle 100 social accounts, schedule 500 posts per day, and keep 5,000 posts in the queue.
  • Agency $85/yr) — Can let you manage 200 social accounts, schedule 1,000 posts, and keep 10,000 in the queue.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing) — Choose this SocialPilot plan if you want to do something extra.

Out of all the features, three of them including Social Inbox, Client Management, and White Label PDFs can’t be accessed with the professional plan.

To know about all the features and prices, visit the official page of SocialPilot. Nevertheless, we have tried out best to mention most of the details in this SocialPilot review. 

2) Features

Now, you have gained some important ideas related to SocialPilot from this SocialPilot review but still, there are few things that we are yet to explore. Its features are capable to make the life of a social media marketer easier.

Organizing Posts

social pilot review,

SocialPilot users can arrange each social media account into different groups depending on the channel, client, or whatever they wish.

When a brand posts the same content across all platforms, then each of them can be selected. You can do it smartly by grouping all of them together. Select the group and thereafter, the post will go there.

The inbuilt content curation feature in the posting module is a bonus. You search by typing keyword and after finding any suitable data. Now, you can post, queue, or schedule it. 

3) Integrations

With this SocialPilot review, one thing we want to clear that it doesn’t offer much when it comes to third-party integrations or applications.

At the same time, Hootsuite empowers the integration of up to 150 third-party apps. Hence, SocialPilot disappoints us here.

However, third-party integrations have nothing to do with the social media presence. This is why the SocialPilot social media application is considered as the best social media marketing software.

For now, SocialPilot review supports integration with Zapier so you can integrate to 1000+ apps. Data sharing between devices is also easy.

Other remarkable integrations are as follows:

  • Connect your SocialPilot account to any URL shortening services.
  • You can manage project effectively after reading this SocialPilot review. 

4) Content Recommendation

SocialPilot features the potential of recommending content that should be posted to your business social media page.

Enter keywords into the search box and SocialPilot will suggest posts. If any content seems engaging to you, schedule it directly.

Along with that, the tool lets you connect with multiple RSS feeds. From the Content and Feed interface, you can handle the posting of recent or new content. These are some valuable information, which I felt vital to add in this SocialPilot review. 

5) Performance Reporting

SocialPilot yields marketing insights for your social media accounts. Unfortunately, SocialPilot Instagram hasn’t come yet into use.

The reports constitute excellent marketing tips. You get the data and all the reports in a readable visual format.

In extra, you get the list of top influencers that engaged with your posts and popular hashtags used by you.

6) SocialPilot Support

When a customer or visitor post any query, SocialPilot passes all of them to their email or knowledge center. Another crucial info, which I want to mention here in SocialPilot review. 

Responses are sent within few hours with the attached solution or a link, which will take you to the FAQ page.

Posts at the knowledge center are clear and involve step-by-step instructions to your problem.


social media management tool

1) With SocialPilot, you can connect to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok, and VK.

2) This platform lets you share around 500 posts and connect to 100 profiles.

3) Handle all your social media conversations with the inbuilt Social Inbox Feature.

4) Add around 5 team members to your SocialPilot account to delegate tasks to them and schedule posts with the team collaboration option.

5) Bulk Scheduling feature let you schedule 100’s of posts simultaneously by uploading a CSV.

6) Design customized posts for individual social accounts at a time along with mentioning Facebook and other Twitter profiles.

7) Keep an eye on your social media marketing activities with the help of the SocialPilot reporting feature.

8) In the social media calendar, you can check when and what to schedule.

9) Stay updated with new content ideas and generate content suggestions that can be used later.

10) Invite the clients to manage their social media accounts without any hassle. All because of the client management feature.

11) Make your own branded domains to gain higher visibility and recognition by using URL Shorteners.

12) Boost your Facebook posts automatically while scheduling them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SocialPilot easy to use?

Setting up an account at the SocialPilot is quite easy. You can connect to multiple social media account with few clicks.

Which social networks does SocialPilot connect to?

SocialPilot enables you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google My Business.

Can I schedule Instagram posts through SocialPilot?

Of course! You can schedule all instagram posts but in a manual way. SocialPilot reminds you when the schedule time comes.


SocialPilot was launched in 2014 but still, it’s something new for social media marketers. Brands have yet to dive deeper and explore the powerful features of SocialPilot.

The tool is perfect for all social media professionals who want to manage multiple social accounts at an affordable cost. If this SocialPilot review has grabbed your attention, kindly share it to others. 

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