Best Social Media Tool: SocialPilot Vs Hootsuite Vs Sendible Vs Buffer

Social Media Tool Comparison 

"According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of web users are using social media
to research the products".

For businesses, social media holds a lot of significance because that’s the only platform today after the website for gaining exposure and targeting people. 

Businesses of all sizes are using social media today to maintain a strong bond with prospects and consumers. However, some businesses running multiple accounts on social media platforms face issues in managing all at once.

That’s why most of them are using Social Media tool for expediting brands’ performance on social sites and connecting with more customers. 

There is no shortage of social media management tools at the online marketplace. You won’t have to dig deeper but still, this fact confuses the brands in making the right choice. 

I did a lot of research and ended up finding a few super powerful social media tool but none of them was meeting my expectations. However, one of them stand-out.

I am very impressed with the UI, results, and features of the SocialPilot social media tool. Want to try it out? 

Wait wait because I know three other social media management tools that deliver amazing results.

Let’s know more about such social media tools for business.

But first, I will take you on the journey of social media management. 

What is social media management software?

Social media management software offers all the features of monitoring social media accounts, schedule posts, suggest content and improve post boosting.

Such tools are used by online marketers for advertising and brand awareness purposes. Apart from that, these tools are used for creating content that can truly engage the audience. 

Why brands use social media tools?

social media tool by brands

Social media tool has made it easier for the brands to stay in touch with prospects and consumers.

As your followers will grow on multiple social media accounts, managing everything will become difficult.

Thousands of messages may fill up the inbox and respond to each one of them is a hectic task.

Thanks to the social media tools for keeping things easier to handle. The points mentioned below will let you know more about the benefits of using a social media tool.  

  • Facilitates the content curation process 
  • Helps you in planning a better social media strategy
  • A reliable social media tool will boost social accountability
  • Build a social media calendar to plan a month before
  • To figure out the social performance of your brand 

How brands make a selection of the best social media tool?

best social media tool

The reputed brands know about the real potential of all types of social media tools and software. They seek the following features before choosing a social media tool for their business pages:

  • Supported Social Networks: Businesses want those tools that support as many social networking platforms as possible. 
  • Functionality: The social media tool must possess simple to use functionality and intuitive UI. Less the time it will take to learn, the easier it will be for the business to use. 
  • Engagement: To simplify and boost up customer engagement, the tool should be capable of monitoring the content performance directly from the platform. 
  • Publishing & Scheduling: It must contain an easy way to share content and do further planning for forming a perfect content marketing strategy. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: If the social media tool can’t give the metrics in a visually appealing and easy to understand format, it’s not worth your money. These features have to be present there. 
  • Price: One of the most crucial factors is Social Media tools deals and pricing. Every company wants to save some money by buying an affordable tool. 

Now, it is time to compare social media tool that are considered the top most in the current market. 


SocialPilot tool

If you are seeking social media tool free, social pilot is not one of them. But the company is offering social media tools sale trial for 14 days.

The plan starts from $25/month that allows you to connect 25 social media account and do 200 posts every day. You have 4 plan choices to choose from. 

This social media tool has no match in the market.

Some alternatives are there but still SocialPilot stand top of all. There are some advanced features, which you will miss in other social media tools and applications.

 It even lets you create an endless number of groups for social media accounts.

SocialPilot Review 2021: Don’t Buy Before Reading This!


Hootsuite social media marketing tool

With the Hootsuite social media tool for business, your business can enjoy all the solutions to your social media management requirements. The application offers a bundle of features for small business owners, teams, and even bloggers.

You get a free version too. The impressive part is that this tool is compatible with more than 35 social networks comprising Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and much more. 

Today, the tool is having the trust of over 18 million customers and 800+ Fortune 1000 employees.

This social media tool feature contains a full schedule for keeping the posts in the queue. It enables you to design your own schedule or use the auto-schedule function. 


Sendible - tool for social media

Sendible is a highly impressive social media tool that enables the management of multiple social media handles simultaneously.

More than 20000 agencies and marketers are dependent on sendible for promoting their brand.

Its main features include a social inbox for tracking all the posts, comments and setting up a priority message. This is one of the best Social Media tools available in the market right now. 


Buffer social media tool

Buffer is a perfect social media tool for marketing agencies. It boosts your productivity with plenty of features.

The social profile management process is simple with buffer Social Media tools on sale.

 It provides a free plan but with certain limitations. The users can feel a bit satisfied but for more features, upgrading the plan will be the right move. 

Social Media tool buffer price



Buy Now

Visual Composor

Canva Integration
Browser Extension



 Canva integration

Video Uploader





Team & Collaboration





Trustpilot rating






Chat + Email

 Chat + Email

 Chat + Email

 Chat + Email

Social Media Profiles





Social Media Calendars





Social Analytics





RSS Feed







Yes (Separate Plan)



Re-use Posts






 Agency: $83.33/month

Small Team: 41.66/month

Professional: $25/month

Enterprise: Custom Plans

Pro: $12/month

Premium: $56/month

Business: 485/month

Professional: $29/month

Team: $129/month

Business: $599/month

Enterprise: Custom

Startup: $49/month

Traction: $89/month

Scale: $199/month

Expansion: $399/month

Which social media tool should you use?

After comparing, I am pretty sure that your choice will go either for SocialPilot or Buffer. If you will consider a budget and user-friendly social media tool, SocialPilot is still the best among them. However, you are free to decide on your own.


As you are our one of my loyal reader, I can’t let you choose the wrong one. Go for whatever tool you want but please try Social Pilot once.

Its bundle of features and profile management system attracts agencies all over the world.

Let us know in the comments how you found these social media tools 2021 useful and which one are you going to choose.

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