Real Semrush review 2022 You Need to See

This review blog puts forth the best SEO tool SEMrush to test. This article shall discuss

  • SEMrush review
  • SEMrush toolkit review
  • SEMrush alternative
  • SEMrush pro and cons
  • SEMrush Vs Ahrefs
  • Is SEMrush worth it?

SEMrush Review

SEMrush is the best SEO tool, comprehensively used by bloggers for SEO and more traffic. It also solves the purpose of 

  • Analyzing backlinks 
  • Drive and Increase Traffic to your Website
  • Finding Best Keywords 
  • Finding issues and problems in relation to website on-page.

With over 50 SEO tools, SEMrush is the no 1 competitor research tool. SEMrush aces when it comes to backlinking,researching keywords,traffic and other competitive data tools.

The Semrush review, SEMrush market place has a very positive review owing to its excellent content and being a reliable tool.The elements marking its superiority are Semrush review

  • Best SEO tool – It is the best SEO tool for SEO Marketing with a wide range of effective keywords.
  • Simple and Easy to use – Making request, placing order,receiving content can all be done from the website itself making using SEMrush smooth.
  • Cost Effective – SEMrush is a pocket friendly SEO tool
  • Varied Content type – All content types are available at SEMrush Marketplace.

 SEMrush Review

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Review - Is It Worth It? - TheLifeTech

SEMrush is a vital tool for SEO, Marketing  and blogging. The toolkit provided is comprehensive. It lets gives you a lot of options Tool-kit


Keyword Overview tool from Semrush | Semrush

Keywords – Finding relevant keywords can be tiresome and confusing but with SEMrush it becomes easy. SEMrush gives a  wide range of keywords for your business. It also provides a list of related keywords when a specific keyword is entered Semrush review.

Position Tracking Tool: Estimated Traffic | Semrush

Rank Tracking –  With a wide range of tracking tools SEMrush helps you track the progress of your website. The unique feature of tracking keywords lets you see what word helps in driving traffic,and also tracks your site’s progress.

Using SEMRush for Competitor Analysis - Infront Webworks

 Analysing Competitors – With this feature SEMrush allows you to keep an eye on your competitors in the market, giving an insight about the dos and don’ts of ranking and searching keywords.

SEO Writing Assistant – Your Indispensable Content Aid | Semrush

Writing Assistance – The  SEO writing assistance is a great feature for those new to SEO as it provides a keyword research tool guiding you to the right keywords for your website.

Site Audit: Analyze Website for Technical and SEO Errors | Semrush

Site Audit – Another astounding feature of SEMrush is Site Audit.  It finds and fixes all the issues giving a list of the problems related to SEO  and traffic on your website.

 Pricing SEMrush gives 3 options for plans as per your need.

  • Business – This is the premium plan for big enterprises and business firms.It costs $374.95/mon.
  • Guru – This plan suits the agencies. It cost $191.62/mon.
  • Pro – This plan lets you track 500 keywords and allows 5 projects, costs $99.95/mon.

 Alternatives for SEMrush 

Top 5 Tested Alternatives of SEMrush | Curvearro

Looking for SEMrush alternatives can leave you perplexed. You shall come across various options speaking highly of themselves but is it really worth the short? 

Here’s a list of alternatives you can think of using.

  • SE Ranking : It is a SEO platform with all solutions at a lower price. It can be used for backlinking ,SEO, keyword research etc. It also tracks rank and checks progress of the website.
  • Advance Web Ranking : One the best among the alternative choices of SEMrush, AWR an economical tool that works on all devices. Here you can get an updated ranking of the SERP features.
  • Searchmetrics : An essential SEMrush alternative that offers cloud integration along with SEO,backlinking and SEM and PPC.
  • Serpstat :The progress tracking tool for marketers. It has ideas for content creation and keyword database options.

SEMrush Pros and Cons

After the detailed description of SEMrush

Let’s discuss its Pro and Cons


  • Broad set of features: A comprehensive SEO toolkit that contains almost everything from site Audit,SEO to keyword research.
  • Pricing: SEMrush provides a wide set of tools at a good price. Looking for all the at different platforms would cost more.
  • Huge Database: SEMrush being the best SEO tool provides the largest keyword ranging to Upto 21 billion Keywords.


  • Data available for Google: The  data that SEMrush provides is only for Google. You need a different for tool the data and analytics of different search engine such as YouTube
  • Difficult to understand :SEMrush provides a wide range of tools which often confuses the users as to what and how to choose.
  • Scanty traffic analytics: The traffic data is not always reliable. There  are better tools for the purpose of critical decision making.


 Ahrefs Vs SEMrush review

SemRush Vs Ahrefs - Which SEO Tool Is Better For You

Ahrefs is a nice tool with good features. It however works for you if you are only dealing with SEO. 

SEMrush on the other hand works as a one stop solution for SEO. Keeping in mind the above cited features and deals SEMrush is a must have for all SEO businesses.

Final Word Semrush review

Once you get accustomed to Semrush, it becomes the one stop solution for  marketing strategies. SEMrush consistently surprises you with exciting ways to do keyword research and competition analysis.

It is a must have SEO tool for bloggers and websites.


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