SEMrush Review 2021: Is It Worth Buying?

semrush review

If you have ever encountered any Google SEO tools on a search engine and come to know about SEMrush, congrats!

You have discovered a powerful platform, which is specially designed for content and SEO marketers.

I have used SEMrush to help customers in ranking their websites to a higher position. Things could have been difficult without SEMrush.

I admire this tool and you must use it as one of the best SEO tools for WordPress. It will assist in optimizing your WordPress website.

But why we are recommending this tool to you? Is the ability to optimize a site the only reason?

Get the answer here in this SEMrush review.

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush On-page SEO checker is a perfect US-based SEO tool for online visibility management and content marketing purpose.

It’s a SaaS platform that empowers businesses in the optimization of a site. It assists in building a strong online presence across all the online mediums.

However, it is capable to do a variety of things that we are going to cover in this SEMrush review.

More than 6,000,000 digital marketing experts and marketing professionals rely on this tool. SEMrush data and insight hold the trust of more than 1000 media outlets.

The increasing competition in the digital world has fueled the importance of SEMrush SEO Checker. It offers integration to Google and other task management platforms.

SEMrush all in one suite features around 50 tools and you can get the data for more than 142 countries at a time. At the current time, SEMrush has become one of the best and affordable SEO tools.

If your digital marketing team needs any help in running a digital marketing campaign, SEMrush is the absolute tool for this.

Since 2008, it has helped the users in flourishing their business. One can gain many information such as current trends in your niche, keywords to use, and so on.

I would like to recommend this tool to SEO professionals, social media managers, professional content marketers, and PPC professionals but again, why? Wait, this SEMrush review will tell you more about them.

SEMrush Database:

Are you wondering about the amount of data packed in the SEMrush on-page SEO checker database? Until now, the tool provides access to 142 worldwide databases, 17 billion keywords, 22 trillion backlinks, 1 billion google ads, 277 million display ads, and much more.

SEMrush Reasonable SEO tools yield several competitors’ data about a site to the user. Search for the best SEO tools deals and you will realize why SEMrush is valued so much.

Analysis At One Place:

SEMrush analyzes a website entire data and lets you figure out the ways to excel in terms of site ranking. All these data provided by SEMrush review are significant for outperforming rivals.

  • Domain analysis
  • Keyword research features
  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Link building tools
  • Site auditing
  • Ease of use
  • Pricing and value for money
  • Support

SEMrush Downloads

You can download below FREE research guide on SEO by SEMrush.

semrush review

How To Use SEMrush?

Among some top-grade marketing analytics tools including Google SEO analytics, SEMrush boasts some common features like a dashboard section. It delivers you a detailed analysis of active digital campaigns running on.

As soon as you log in to your SEMrush account, a dashboard is the first page that you are going to view.

Semrush review

For creating a new project, type the domain in the “Projects” box and hit enter. An alternate method is to click on the “Plus” icon, which is present next to the “Projects” button. Now, add details there to begin.

Creating the SEMrush project will let you unleash some hidden tools. When you hit the “Create” button, SEMrush displays a series of marketing and research tools.

Position tracker, PPC keyword tool, content analyzer, on-page SEO checker, and so on.

SEMrush projects

Your dashboard section gives you access to several major features. Some of them are described in this section of the SEMrush review.

SEMrush dashboard

Adding your domain to SEMrush

At the topmost location of the dashboard, you will find a card with the text “Add domains and monitor their performance”.

It clearly says the thing you have to do next. Just go to the “Enter Domain” field and type your site URL. Hit “Add domain” to move further.

SEMrush overview

In a few seconds, SEMrush will show your domain with some important metrics. It will tell you everything about total organic keywords, organic traffic, ads keywords, ads traffic, and current active display ads.

Domain Analysis

Almost every SEO project involves domain analysis in the beginning. The users get some data related to the domain quality.

You can do domain analysis too on a site for SEO purposes. Domain analysis will help you in finding if it’s right to ask for the link from another site owner to yours. Generating backlinks from high-quality sites elevates your performance on the search engine.

SEMrush makes it easy to perform domain analysis. All you have to do is type a domain URL in the domain overview portion.

SEO Checker

With the domain analysis, you get the following metrics:

  • ‘authority score’
  • Monthly traffic
  • Total Backlinks connecting to the site
  • All the keywords leading to a better site rank
  • Common Anchor Text for linking to the site
  • Best keywords and their performance
  • Show advertising ads
  • Rivals

From the above metrics, the one that tells you the most about a site is its Authority Score. SEMrush calculates authority score by using backlink data, organic search data, and website traffic data.

We can’t miss a fact in the SEMrush review. To make it clear, SEMrush traffic data is not 100% accurate but very close to it.

Semrush review

I have found the domain overview section of SEMrush in the SEMrush review very helpful. You gain all the insights about a site performance there.

Keyword Research In SEMrush

So, here comes the most important feature of SEMrush that I want to talk about Keyword Research . The users can find the difficulty level of ranking a keyword and knowing who is already using it.

Also, get more recommended suggestions. SEMrush has eased the process for finding all such information. Simply, type a keyword into the “Keyword Overview” section to get these data:

  • How many people searched for that keyword on Google?
  • What’s its difficulty score? and
  • Sites using the same keyword for higher rankings

best seo tools for wordpress,

It’s the keyword difficulty score, which matters the most. A keyword having a low difficulty score will be easier to rank. SEMrush on page SEO is widely popular for this feature.

Rank Tracking

The Position Ranking tool of SEMrush contains smart filters, which are helpful in checking the target keywords and see how they are affecting SERP features.

It also tells about the SERP features that you earn or utilized by the rivals.

  • Assist in identification of pages that can be ranked highest in SERP results
  • Establish campaigns with by targeting multiple keywords, demographics, and devices.
  • Trello integration lets you observe team members performance on the given task.

Backlink Analysis

The performance of a site in the search results is highly dependent on how many backlinks are existing for the site in question.

You have two ways to search for them which includes “backlink analysis” and backlink audit”.

Backlink analytics option in SEMrush allows you to type a domain name and find all the backlink related to it. Moreover, you can use this section to do the following:

  • Identify anchor text for each backlink
  • Find top-level domain distribution
  • Get details on the IP address of a backlink

google analytics

Does Backlink Analysis give you accurate results?

The accuracy of the SEMrush backlink analysis based on the size and quality of link database. While we are working on this content, SEMrush has already claimed 37.2 trillion backlink.

Site Auditing

Site auditing is another way to find backlinks. The primary reason by doing this is to setup toxicity of backlinks that’s leading to your site and examine its health.

best seo tools 2021

In this process, SEMrush collect the spam links that an SEO expert review and upload to Google in the form of disavow file. After doing this, Google remove these toxic links. You must know that sites with the poor quality links are penalized by Google. This is the reason why disavowing bad links will have a positive influence on your search engine rankings.

SEMrush Pricing Overview

SEMrush pricing begins with the lowest possible cost of $99.95/month. Other available pricing plans are:

  • Pro — $119.95 per month
  • Guru — $229.95 per month
  • Business — $449.95 per month

However, we can’t forget mentioning in this SEMrush review that it provides a free trial too. You can use that free version for exploring some available features.

Gaining Valuable SEO knowledge through the SEMrush Academy

Before using SEMrush, you need some SEO knowledge and in this SEMrush review, we can’t underestimate SEMrush academy. It’s the platform where you can polish SEO skills and that too free of cost.

SEMrush pricing


How SEMrush compile all the data?

SEMrush boasts its own crawler for exploring Google search results from more than 100 pages in relation to a keyword.

Can I use it for free?

Toolforbusiness readers can enjoy SEMrush 30-day trial for the pro pricing plan.

Is SEMrush worth your money?

SEMrush empowers user with the ability to perform any marketing task with its features.

Who can use SEMrush?

For coming up with data-driven online marketing decision, SEMrush is the best tool. It’s for any blogger, small business owners, affiliate marketers, in-house marketing teams, content marketing agencies, etc.

Take Away

Get huge amount of traffic on your website with SEMrush. We have already elaborated how this tool works in this SEMrush review.

If this content seems valuable to you, kindly leave a comment. We would feel appreciated to hear from you.

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