SEMrush Oppty Review- Exclusive B2B Lead Generation Tool

One of the demanding tasks for every B2B business is to identify prospects for their products and services.

This is where a business stumbles and ends up hampering its sales growth and ROI.

Lead Generation Statistics

According to a Hubspot report, lead generation and traffic is the biggest challenge for 61% of marketers.

In addition, B2B marketers consider budget, resource, staffing, and time as the primary hurdle in lead generation.

But thanks to one of the best SEMrush Oppty B2B lead generation tools. It has been a great help.

Even we have faced issues while working with other brands.

Finding leads was a BIG headache.

Hours of research and planning to attract them with outbound and inbound methods used to make things COMPLEX.

We weren’t seeing growth in sales so we used to spent hours using various B2B lead generation tools.

And then, one day,

We come to know about SEMrush Oppty. Like many SEMrush users, even we had no idea about it.

As soon as we started using it in our marketing, there was a gradual increase in lead generation.

It has helped us a lot in finding the right lead generation opportunities.

Therefore, we decided to let our readers know about this B2B lead generation tool and assist them too in generating lead.

So what is it? And how can you leverage it?

What is SEMrush Oppty?

SEMrush Oppty is one of the widely used sales intelligence and B2B lead generation tools.

It helps the users in finding prospects for digital marketing firm.

semrush oppty

Leads provided by this robust tool are rooted in a target location, business type, and SEMrush proprietary data.

Within minutes, you can gain several numbers of qualified leads that you can pitch.

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Benefits of using SEMrush Oppty

You may be wondering that there are other ways to generate leads such as LinkedIn, then, why should one use SEMrush Oppty?

Among the entire social media platform, LinkedIn contributes to 80% of B2B lead generation.

SEMrush Oppty can save your time in finding them easily. It offers the following benefits to the users.


The time your business waste on discovering new prospects and opportunities, it can be saved with Oppty B2B lead generation tool.

It serves a list of leads based on SEMrush proprietary data.

As a result, you can take advantage of the most fruitful opportunities without spending any extra time emailing or contacting companies.

Connects to the Right Business

Oppty lead generation software brings you close to your B2B lead.

You can inspect various business types along with their competitors, negative positioning trends, PPC/SEO budget details, and much more.

It will help you to leave a strong first impression on your lead.

This is because you already have an understanding of the market.

Serves Detailed Data

With Oppty, the best lead generation tool 2021, you can get leads and their details like digital marketing budget, operating location, contact, total revenue, and so on.

By having these kinds of lead data in your hand, you can plan the outreach and possible offers to provide as per the situation.

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How do Oppty B2B lead generation tools work?

Oppty is not merely an agency-oriented B2B lead generation tool.

It is a powerful feature of SEMrush, which relies on big data analysis.

It gives a filtered and qualified list of B2B leads that are highly likely to show interest in your offers based on the following data.

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Opportunity Type

How can you identify the good lead for your agency?

For identifying a strong potential lead, Oppty B2B lead generation tools allow you to do the same with opportunity type.

It is a certain set of characteristics that facilitates the recognition of a good potential lead.

SEMrush Oppty Working Process

Below are the lists of opportunity types you can use for connecting with the right B2B lead.

Positive Trends

It becomes easier to know if a lead is worth your attention or not when you know about its marketing budget.

This characteristic of Oppty B2B lead generation tools enables you to connect with leads as per their growing marketing budget.

Strong Competitors

Under this characteristic, there are businesses that SEMrush has found competing with affluent and successful businesses.

You can select the industry, location, and hit on “Get Leads”. It shows you the pitching opportunities to businesses that are looking to be ahead of the competitors and steal their traffic.

PPC/SEO Budget Gap

Using PPC/SEO Budget Gap characteristic of Oppty B2B lead generation tools, businesses based on a gap in their paid marketing and SEO services are there.

If your agency is providing SEO services, use this opportunity type for pitching your services.

Negative Trends

Negative trends are the opportunity type that the SEMrush tool uses to aggregate businesses losing positioning in Google SERP.

This is an indication of a great opportunity to pitch.

You can assume that there is no SEO professional working for that particular business.

When you enter any of this information, the SEMrush SEO tool shows a list of all the potential leads in a chart or table.

This is a preview only where you will get details of the qualified leads, but without any contact information.

At this stage, you are only allowed to check the number of leads you can get depending on your chosen opportunity type. After hovering over a bubble, you get detailed info on the potential lead.

How you can order leads?

As you have the list of the qualified list now from the SEMrush affordable SEO tools, now is the time to fill out the form.

Tap on the “Order these deals” to begin. The tool will show you the message as shown below.

SEMrush Oppty: Lead Ordering Process

SEMrush will bring you in touch with sales reps by offering a quote on the lead list after you follow all the instructions properly.

If you don’t want to use SEMrush Oppty, Social media is the best place to get leads.

It acts as a B2B lead generation tools.

Keep your social media profile page updated with fresh posts. Also, utilize the social media tools like, storm likes,, etc. for engagement.

Special Offers On SEMrush Oppty During Pandemic:

semrus oppty tool free during pandemic

During Covid-19 pandemic, SEMrush has made their tool- Oppty FREE to access for a limited period of time.

Many businesses make the full use of this tool.

semrush leads


SEMrush Oppty is a widely used lead generation tools in USA and many other parts of the world.

By making its smart use, you can tackle the down flow of sales in your agency services.

Let us know in the comment below, how many of you are planning to use this SEMrush Oppty?

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