Prowly Reviews 2022: Is this PR software Really Worth the Money?

As the space around PR firms continues to grow, so does the number of software tools like Prowly

This tool is supposed to help you with all your PR needs. 

And so, Prowly reviews are are a big buzz among PR marketers because of its varied functions and capabilities. 

Now, Prowly PR software is becoming increasingly popular for all brands. It has been designed to make your job as a PR marketer convenient. 

Prowly Reviews App

Organizing and keeping track of press releases, pitches, news items, blogs, and social media will become simpler. 

So, PR software can take care of all that for you! It is great for managing your press releases and pitching them to journalists in a timely manner. 

And with a whole platform dedicated to monitoring social media, you’ll never miss a beat again!

Here at Prowly reviews, we’ve been putting the tool to the test for months. 

We’ve used it for sourcing new clients, monitoring press coverage, and managing existing relationships with the media.

So what is the verdict? Should you take the plunge? 

In this article, we will review some pros and cons. We will also show you what other people have been saying about Prowly reviews so that you can decide if this software is right for you.

What is Prowly?

Prowly Website

Prowly is a powerful PR software that helps to cultivate long-term relationships with media. It provides an array of tools for making the life of PR managers easier. 

One of the best things about Prowly is turning the management of your PR efforts a breeze. 

With this PR software, you can save time and energy by automating all of your tasks and projects.

It aids in collaborating with your team, measuring the effectiveness of your programs, and tracking results for higher ROI.

Prowly also provides a ton of resources for you to learn the ins and outs of what makes a good PR strategy. You can use these resources to build a strong foundation for your PR strategies.

After checking out numerous Prowly reviews on third party sites, we realized this tool has caught the attention of many users.

Who can use it?

  • Prowly is specially designed for businesses of all sizes that want to grab coverage in media
  • No matter in which industry you belong to, Prowly can help you out in gaining exposure among your targeted audience 
  • It is also suitable for freelancers as a helping hand in organizing PR campaigns for a brand 

Get Started with Prowly

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay any amount for getting started with Prowly . It offers a free trial to you so that you can decide whether the tool is right for your business or not. 

  • Visit Prowly
  • Click on the “Sign up for free” button present in the top right-hand corner
  • Provide your business email address and select a password. If you have a SEMrush account, you can even sign up with that
  • According to the spaces given, fill in your name, number, and business name
  • Now, a PR professional will call you to connect and explain everything
  • After that, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can do whatever you want 

Prowly Features 

Prowly Features

There are many unique features that Prowly contains for the PR managers. Some of the important ones are listed here:

Campaign Planning

Planning for any campaign is the tough task for a brand. 

But with Prowly, you can do it without any hassle. 

You can establish a direct connection with the media persons with access to over 1 million media contacts worldwide. 

Managing Your Media Contacts

Improved PR CRM in Prowly - Product Updates

Once you form a network of journalists and other media persons, you can use the Prowly PR software CRM list. 

It allows you to manage and track the communication history.

At the same time, you can use it to your full advantage by automating most of your job and pitching the media. 

Customer Segmentation 

Stay connected to your media contacts interact with them easily with the PR CRM. 

There is no more need of moving between spreadsheets, missing deadlines, keeping a track of data, and so on when Prowly is there. 

Team Collaboration

You can keep your team unified on a single platform and make collaboration among each easier. 

Moreover, keep your team updated on the latest updates along with boosting their efficiency with logged phone calls, added notes, and many more. 

One of the Prowly reviews we read told that, it has helped to turn team collaboration efficient.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is an eminent process for all brands. They invest a huge amount of time and money in connecting with helpful leads. 

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Customer Segmentation

Segmentation of customers is an important factor for sending the right message to the right audience. Prowly PR software lets you do it with its amazing in-built feature. 

Third-Party Integrations

Prowly is providing third-party integration to the major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You can also connect it to your Google Analytics account and gain access to a wide Prowly media database


Prowly Pricing Plans

We checked out many individuals’ Prowly reviews and found they were first scared about investing money. But after trying the tool, they didn’t think about a single second to put their money in. 

Prowly Reviews Pricing and Plans


  • Best for the small-sized businesses and freelancers
  • Costs $189/month (annually)
  • Enjoy Connection to Unlimited contact
  • Send 3000 emails/month 


  • Ideal for PR agencies and in house PR Team
  • Costs $259/month
  • Send around 15,000/month
  • Access is available to 5 users 

Should you invest in Prowly?

After trying out the software and going through all the features, we can say it’s worth spending your money on it. 

By using it in your business, you can present press material to your audience in a dynamic and attractive manner. In addition, the users can check out valuable insights on pitching history, results, and performance. It’s truly making media relation grow effectively.  

Toolforbusiness strongly recommends Prowly PR software as your primary solution to all your PR needs. For more information on Prowly reviews, you can reach out to us on or drop down a comment. 

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