Privacy Policy

What data do we collect from you?

As soon as you visit our website and register yourself, we collect all your personal information that you provide such as name, mobile number, email address, etc. We also collect information when you subscribe to our newsletter, fill a form, or comment on the site. However, no personal data is collected when you only navigate to our site. This information will be used to identify or get in touch with you for the future purpose along with delivering you the highest site performance.

For what purpose we collect the data?

Whatever data we gather from the users, will be used for the following things:

  • sending a newsletter on a weekly basis
  • to manage contact
  • sending messages
  • to speed up site performance and present in the best possible way for users and computer
  • Giving you the details on the available products, or services, that you find valuable and interesting
  • allow you to register and authenticate
  • connect with you on social media platforms
  • enable you to gain access to third-party services accounts
  • handle user database
  • interact through live chat
  • show display ads as and when required to help you in finding a suitable product
  • show content from external links
  • keep an eye on users database
  • improve our site performance depending on your feedback and suggestions
  • enhance customer service by enabling an effective response to customer service requests

Did the collected data stay safe for us?

Every data we collect is protected with tight security so that personal safety can be maintained when you do submit, enter, or access personal data. None of your details go to any other third party site. We strictly restrict selling, trading, or moving your information to another hand. However, we have to share some data with the trusted third party sites to continue smooth working. Non-personal information of a visitor will be given to other websites for advertising purposes or when it violates the law. Sometimes, such actions are also taken to protect our and others’ right.

By visiting and registering to our site, you consent to our privacy policy. We hold the right to update or change it. Our security team will notify you in case we make any changes to the privacy policy. The notifications will be sent to your email or in the form of notice on our website.