How To Use SEMrush? (A Brief Insight For Bloggers)

NEIL PATEL“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO” – Neil Patel (Founder Of

I have suffered through some difficult times while trying to build my blog. Not knowing about optimization, keywords, and other SEO techniques was affecting my blogging journey. 

There were days when my blog traffic was going below 4000 monthly views. Therefore, I decided to search for a tool that can help me for boosting traffic, and yes, I found it.

The kickstart of success occurred when I was exposed to a brilliant SEO tool. Of course, it deserves to be complemented with all the synonyms of brilliant. 

With this blog, Learn how to use SEMrush.

SEMrush is a set of SEO tools, which take off your website performance to new heights.

It is a versatile, remarkable, and outstanding tool for all your SEO purposes. 

Moreover, the SEO suite of tools is loaded with some advanced features. They are a bit complex but work as a great help. You will easily be immersed in the broad range of SEMrush features. 

Semrush feature

In this SEMrush guide, I have provided a wide idea of its features.

You will learn how to use SEMrush and get familiar with its important features. 

Our today’s post basically covers SEMrush review and strategies for optimizing your content.

How to use SEMrush for improving keyword ranking?


keyword ranking

Do you know?

There are millions of blogs blogs published every single day.

The competitor is high.

How could you stand out from those millions?

This is when you must have learned how to use SEMrush to improve SEO. 

Sometimes bloggers used poor selection of keywords because they do not have good knowledge of which keywords are generating traffic to their old blogs and also they don’t know how to drive traffic on website.

If you are not aware of the keywords responsible for your blog rank, it is tough to boost search engine ranking. 

I am posting content on my blog since 2017. Initially, I never used any specific keyword. That’s why all those blog posts were getting ranked for random keywords placed at different positions. 

Lack of optimization turned out as a disadvantage for my blog.

Now, knowing how to use SEMrush has leveled up my content marketing strategy. Along with that, my blog ranks have upsurged too 

Let’s find out how to improve keyword ranking with SEMrush. 

1 First, open the official link of SEMrush and create your free account. 

2. After logging in, type the domain name in the search field. Hit “Full Report” of organic keywords. It will list down all the keywords, which your site is using for ranking. 

3. The full report will also show traffic estimate, AdSense CPC, Keyword Position, and Traffic Percentage. 

4. Arrange report depending on “Keyword Position” or “Keyword Trend”. You can also choose “Keyword CPC’ if your end goal is increasing AdSense income. 

5. Prepare a list of all the URLs on which you have to work. 

6. Enter the keywords into “SEMrush Position Checker” for monitoring keywords rank and checking performance. 

Tips to enhance the ranking of these keywords

Following tips will be effective in doing so:

1. Use SEMrush SEO Writing assistant 

SEO writing assistant

SEMrush boasts a robust feature of optimizing your article. SEO writing assistant studies around the top 10 results in Google search for finding the right keyword for you.

It gives you some suggestion to implement in your SEO strategy.

  • What should be the word count of your article 
  • LSI keywords 
  • Readability score 
  • Plagiarism Checker 
  • Overall Content Score 

If you know how to use SEMrush and SEO writing assistant, the blogging journey will become smooth.

Make sure to make your hand dirty on the basics of SEMrush.

2. Link building

Link building


Backlink building is always considered a great way for enhancing the search engine ranking of a site. 

SEMrush plans offer a “Link Building Tool” to users for outreaching and building links.

To know how to use SEMrush for free and build links, follow the given steps: 

  • Open the “Link building tool” and set up a new project or create a new campaign for the existing project.

Link building tool

  • Enter at least 10 keywords for which you want the ranking. Besides, add 10 competitors to get the desired results. 

I usually prefer guest blogging to get high-quality links.

It significantly brought improvement to my blog’s keyword ranking.

3. Utilizing Social media marketing

Social media marketing tool

Apart from knowing how to use SEMrush, social media plays a vital role in improving keyword ranking.

Share blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and do it regularly. This will keep your post engaging. Don’t forget to ask your readers in sharing articles with others. 

In SEMrush, the Social Media Tracker tool will help promote your blog.

In case you are unable to handle multiple social media account, schedule posting of your blog links using SEMrush social media tracker.

Keep an eagle eye on your competitors, handle Facebook ads, and do a lot more with this feature.


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4.Write relevant content 

Writing relevant content is crucial. SEMrush can’t do it all along for you.

Even when you know how to use SEMrush, craft posts that are getting more traffic for specific keywords.

Interlink and enhance the keyword ranking of your website. 

Wrapping it Up

SEMrush content marketing tool kit is for anyone who loves to share his words with an online audience.

Do you want to share your experience with SEMrush SEO? How was it and how does it worked out for you?

Let us know in the comment section.

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Thank you for reading through.

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