How To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2021 (and Beyond)

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ – it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.’

– Adam Audette

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

how to increase traffic to your website

Suppose you own a website or running an online business. In that case, you need to follow a smart strategy to get exposure in today’s competitive environment.

We know that,

Search Engine Optimization is a widely used technique for driving traffic to your website.  SEO marketers know the best way of how to win drive traffic to your website.

All the brands today are using search engine marketing processes for generating quality traffic. Also there are companies that drive traffic to your website free of cost.

However, no business can merely rely on it because if failed then the business will shut down completely.

What can you do then to increase website traffic?

To help you out, we are going to discuss 13 significant ways to drive website traffic organically & fast.

Understand The Sources Of Your Website Traffic

how to generate traffic on website,

Trying to drive traffic to your website can be a strenuous task but there are a few effective ways to do so.

  1. The first one will cost you nothing but demands some effort and technical expertise. Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and running a blog, you have to do all these for putting your business into high traffic websites.
  2. The second method is available in the paid form but this will be a costly process. Decide which is the most suitable way for you to know how to drive traffic to your website. 

To find out how to get traffic to your website, apply these 13 advanced SEO tactics to get traffic to your website free daily.

1. Come Up With More Content Production

content creation

Are you aware of the fact that crafting SEO-optimized blog posts 2-4 times in a week generate the highest amount of leads and conversions?

This will be one of the smartest strategies for you to understand how to get millions of traffic to your website.

Curating more number of SEO-optimized content will enable your site to use many targeted keywords. The audience will get the right answer for the same questions that they were seeking for.

All the set goals of your overall content strategy must meet the frequency of the content. Focus on curating articles containing valuable info for the readers.

As per the Conductor research, educational content is not enough because there are 48% chances that people will purchase from the company that educates them. (Source)

 Now, let’s see some other ways of how to drive traffic to your website fast.

2. Use Social Platform

cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

Coming up with great content is not sufficient because you have to act proactively. Try increasing website traffic fast by using social media platforms.

Use them efficiently for promoting your content. Share your blog posts link there with attractive captions. It is all about how to drive traffic to your website through social media using the preplanned content marketing strategy.

3. Start With Catchy Headlines & Attention Grabbing Title

Catchy Headlines & Attention Grabbing Title

Headlines are the first thing that catches the attention of the audience.

No matter how powerful your content is, you have to learn the technique of writing a good headline.

Some brands try various headlines before ending up choosing the one that will bring the highest number of traffic.

Do not publish blog posts without creating the right headline, if you want to know how to get traffic on website.

4. Improve On-page SEO


how to drive traffic to your website 2021 by SEO on page

SEO is in trend and optimizing your content for search engines is necessity nowadays for increasing organic traffic.

Ensure that you are using alt text, backlinks and meta description properly for learning how to drive traffic to your website.

5. Start Guest Blogging


how to increase website traffic organically

Guest posting is a worthy practice to add to your SEO strategy. Writing a guest post on a reputable website can skyrocket blog traffic.

However, be careful because we have seen some changes in standards in the recent years. Spamming has increased so make sure to choose wisely and get better on how to increase traffic to your website.

Bonus Point:

You can easily get competitors traffic complete analysis with this magical SEMrush tool:


6. Post Regular Content on LinkedIn

linkedin - how to increase website traffic

LinkedIn is no longer a job-searching tool only. Brands are using it for promoting themselves through audience-centric posts.

To learn how to generate traffic on website through LinkedIn, post contents regularly as this will increase traffic unexpectedly. Apart from it, you will grow your network and connect with professionals and industry experts.

7. Answer Questions On Quora

increase traffic to your website through quora

Quora acts as a great source to drive traffic to your site. Go through the questions that your brand can answer and help the users.

Create link for the right keywords to anchor content. Avoid using this platform for spamming.

Focus on writing effective but detailed answers to the topics you are interested in. This is an ideal platform to get good traffic to your website.

Tips for getting traffic through Quora:

  • Answer the questions that are having a decent number of followers.
  • Build an attractive profile by writing a detailed bio and sharing your site link. Reading your answers will attract them to your profile. Make sure to keep the profile updated with the right details.
  • Self-promoting answers can lead to a ban or suspension of your account from Quora.

8 Use Email Marketing


email marketing for website traffic

Do you want to know how to drive traffic to your website with email marketing? It’s a great method of bringing traffic to your site or blog. You can plan an effective promotion but this requires a list to start with.

Design a lead magnet and create a sales funnel as soon as possible if you haven’t done that. It will help in building up a list that you can be marketed.

9. Optimize For Featured Snippets

drive traffic to your website through featured snippet

  • Featured snippets are displayed for every search question on Google.
  • Drive traffic to your site using pages that Google prefers to rank higher in the search results.
  • A study by Ahrefs says that when your site or blog attains position zero, it will bring 8.6% of traffic to it.
  • Discover keywords that can rank your site on the first page using keyword research tools like Moz, SEMrush tool, Ahrefs, etc.
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10. Attach Internal Links

Internal Links

The Internal linking structure can affect your link profile adversely. Whatever opportunities you are getting for creating internal links while publishing content, make the most use of it.

It delivers an advanced experience to the users. Learning how to drive traffic to your website in this way becomes much easier.

11. Design New Variation of Content

Create a new variety of content that is popular on your webpages.

This will develop an interest in the audience and push more traffic to your site.

Check out the pages that are receiving the highest number of traffic.

Google Analytics is the right tool here to use.

Click on the following:

Behaviour> Site Content> Pages.

Utilize slide presentations or compelling videos and share them on external sites and social media platforms if you genuinely want to know how to drive traffic on your website.

12. Barnacle SEO Method

Link the Quora traffic to Google search traffic by answering relevant questions. This will let you know how to drive traffic to your website with google.

Many Quora questions receive thousands of traffic being ranked on the first page of Google search results.

All you need to use SEMrush to discover some important keywords that are ranked higher on Quora.

13. Use Landing Pages

 how to increase traffic to your website through landing page

To find out how to drive traffic to your website 2021, concentrate on building landing pages. These are considered as a free source of traffic.

Landing pages especially contains several offers such as coupons, free guides, etc. to persuade the visitors in taking some action and boosting up conversion rate.

Wrapping it UP

how to increase traffic to your website

Observe, explore, and experiment to find what is working best for your business. Do not limit yourself to our shared methods only. 

We hope you liked this contents. If yes, do comment below and let us know your best methods.

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