7 Question You Should Ask Before Buying Hosting Provider

Questions You Should be Asking your Hosting Provider

When you choose a hosting service, it is obvious that you will expect smooth functioning of the website.

The success of your business is highly dependent on the hosting provider you are choosing.

With the right hosting service, a business can achieve its predefined goals easily.

Also, hosting is essential for building a strong online presence. 

While selecting a hosting provider, you have to do some research. A much better way is to ask questions to know all the benefits of using its hosting service.

If you are wondering which questions to start with, here I am with the detailed list of points to focus on. 

1) Is the hosting provider a reliable one? 

Reliability is the first factor that needs to be taken into account. But, how can you find out about the reliability of a site? 

Look out for their redundancy. Find how they will handle your site in case of server failure or error. Do they have enough resources to back up your site? These are some important things to consider. 

Reliability also matters if the services will be offered at the exact time when required or not, irrespective of the situation.

Ask your hosting provider directly about its reliability. Know more about their backup plans in case of unexpected conditions. 

Questions to ask:

– What kind of backup will you provide when a server fails? 

– What additional resources your company is offering? 

2) What’s the availability of your company?    

For any online business owner, it’s crucial to choose a hosting provider, which meets Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Gather as much information as possible. Try to figure out what actions the hosting provider will take while failing to meet the level of service. 

Whenever any downtime occurs, it hits site health adversely. Make sure your hosting service provider is having full-on availability.

Know about the web host maintenance, downtime reporting, continuous monitoring, and the performance level.

Get all these details before buying any hosting plan from your desired provider. Besides, don’t forget to ask how they are going to deliver back the details to you. 

Questions to ask:

  • What your service will deliver?
  • For what your company is accountable for? 
  • What actions can be taken if your company fails to deliver as said in the SLA?
  • What uptime we can expect from you?
  • What strategy your company performs for maintenance?
  • How your company keeps an eye on your network? 
  • What’s the downtime reporting that you yield?
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3) What level of performance will you offer?

One of the hottest and most important questions to ask from your web host is performance level. Can it meet your business requirements?

Are there spacious storage spaces and enough resources that match your demands? If the web host answers yes to all these questions, you are lucky. 

Generally, a web hosting service provider does things according to your business but when it starts growing, the problem arises this moment.

Make sure your choice will not disappoint you later. The right hosting service offers flexibility too.

Questions to ask:

  • How much space and bandwidth will I get? 
  • What performance level we can expect? 
  • Is there any easy way to scale up the plan?

4) Do you have a great supportive team? 

You can’t do everything alone and that’s a fact. If any hosting problem occurs that you can’t fix, will the support from the web host can solve it? Can you access them anytime? What if your site loses connection with the server?

What communication mode will the hosting company use to help? Their support team must stay available 24×7 hours. 

Ensure that the hosting company has a pro technical support team that responds to queries as soon as possible. 

Questions to ask:

  • What’s the availability of your support team? 
  • Will the quality be the same irrespective of the time I connect?
  • What will you do if I need advanced support?

5) Is your company stable?

Many untrustworthy web hosting companies are working only to lure and capture the huge market of individuals and businesses. When researching, don’t miss measuring the stability of the web hosting provider. 

Ask about their experience in this web hosting industry. If they are in this field for many years, you can trust them.

With experience and a good customer base, stability is guaranteed. The probability of reliable and quality service is sure. 

Go through the testimonials on review sites and seek the sources where you get the information regarding the kind of services it is offering. 

Questions to ask:

  • What’s the experience level of your company in web hosting?
  • Can you share customer testimonials or reviews?
  • Is your company has shown some positive growth? 

6) How your web hosting company will help in growth?

Many business owners do not consider their future plans and this is a solid mistake that they do. At the initial stage, your business might be doing less but what if it will grow? How the hosting provider is going to help?

In such a situation, changing the hosting provider is not a fruitful decision. So, the web host you have selected should be able to support when growth happens. The offered services must be scalable one. 

Questions to ask:

  • Do you provide scalable services?
  • How you will support my business if f I want to change or upgrade my plan?
  • What other hosting offers can I get when required? 

7) Will you provide tight security? 

Security must be your top priority when it comes to selecting a web host. Check their hosting environment and dedicated server hosting costs.

Among all the hosting types, dedicated server hosting is the most secure one. E-commerce sites choose such kinds of servers because of their security. 

Besides, the rise of cybercrimes has increased the need for server security. Your web host must be able to protect your site from hacking and theft. Ask questions regarding IPS, firewalls, and compliances. Don’t compromise with the security. 

Questions to ask

  • What kind of security infrastructure does your network have?
  • Which technologies do you use for security? 
  • Can you provide extra security features? 

Take Away

After checking all the above things with your hosting provider, you can feel safe and the decision-making process becomes easier.

It won’t take much time in figuring out the ideal web hosting company for your business needs. 

If you are planning to change the hosting provider, ask these questions first from your current web host.

It can offer something extra based on your demands. Maybe some charges will be there but everything is worth doing if it adds value to your business increases growth. 

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