What Is The Relation Between SEO and Google Knowledge Graph?

You can level up your SEO game by using Google Knowledge Graph. But wait, are you hearing this term for the first time?

If your answer is yes, you may not even know that it shares a close relation with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google uses a knowledge graph for understanding an intention of searchers and the relation between entities. It has changed the search scenario for everyone including brands, businesses, and consumers.

Here in this guide, you are going to find out how a knowledge graph works, what relation does it have with SEO, or how can you improve a brand’s visibility.

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge graph SEO
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To put it simply,

Google Knowledge Graph is a database or knowledge base that is used for enhancing search engine results.

It allows Google to provide accurate and to-the-point answers to your searched queries.

But from where it provides answers to users’ queries?

The information and answers are gathered from multiple sources.

Results for the queries are presented in the form of infobox on the search engine results page. 

It contains billions of facts related to people, places, and things.

Until now, there are over 5 billion entities and 500 billion+ facts existing on the Graph.

Google Knowledge Graph represents the connection between entities. You can easily know the basic information about anything by asking a query at Google.

Want to know how it is connected to your website’s SEO?

I will discuss the same later in this article.

How Does the Knowledge Graph Work?

Before diving into the relationship between SEO and knowledge Graph, let us first understand how knowledge graphs work.

No doubt, you will be pondering about the source of information that Google uses. Google’s algorithm enables it to find and collect licensed data. After that, the sourced data are put into the info box.

Google utilizes two sources for data collection including-

  1. Publicly accessible
  2. Privately licensed

Unfortunately, despite it offers convenience to users, the knowledge graph has received some criticism in past for answering queries without providing references.


People think that they are getting updated data from Google, but that’s not true. 

The info is already available on the Graph. The good thing is anyone can update the data of knowledge graph.

Any user can provide feedback and changes on knowledge panels. This helps Google to keep all info up-to-date.

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How Does It Influence SEO and Why Is It Important?

Google Knowledge Graph And SEO

For site owners, Google’s knowledge graph can create problems, wondering why?

It’s because Google delivers answers and responses to users directly on the results page. This means users don’t have to hit any links for gaining information.

As a result, the visitors to your site and click-through rates will reduce.

Between 2014 and 2016, click-through rates fell to a large extent. In the EU, UK, and US, the searches that produced no result were 2% only. (Src)

This is not a favorable fact for businesses looking out for sales. They will have to deal with losses as the clicks decreases. 

If the users will get the required information without visiting any website, then the visitor count will fall. It leads to a decrease in sales along with clicks.

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There’s another impact that the knowledge graph has on SEO. Google uses pre-existing information from its graph rather than the open web. It lowers the conventional organic opportunities.

Take your business to the graph for encountering reduced traffic, click, and sales. Eventually, all the SEO strategies applied by your team will fail too if your brand does not show up in the Google Knowledge Graph.

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How to Get on the Google Knowledge Graph?

For overcoming the ineffectiveness of SEO on the Google knowledge graph, you have to get yourself added to the knowledge panels.

When your business information becomes accessible to Google, it will start to trust and take you to the top of SERP. The information will be available to the searchers via knowledge panels and rich snippets.

Fortunately, it will increase traffic on your site too. Does it sound easy to you? Well, you have to follow some steps for getting on Google Knowledge Graph.

  • Connect with Google and Wikipedia: register on the Google search console and Google My Business. Also, create the Wikipedia page of your businesses.
  • Utilize schema markup: Schema Markup refers to a process of tagging content to Google. It contains a code that assists the search engines in understanding your content in a better way.
  • Be active when it comes to posting content. Stay active on social media platforms and you can manage and schedule your social media with the social media management tool. Build a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other major networking sites.
  • Formulate a PR strategy, which will help in designing a better online reputation.
  • Produce quality content because Google keeps users’ experience as its main priority. An SEO-optimized content that uses meta titles, keywords, will be ranked higher by Google.
  • Use SEMrush Position tracking tool, Organic Research tool, and keyword overview tool to get on Google Knowledge Graph with ease.


If you don’t want your SEO efforts to go into vain, it is necessary to add your business to the Google Knowledge Graph.

SEMrush tool lets you do it within some minutes. Take its help or you can do it manually too.

Also, remember that your lack of presence on the Knowledge graph will leave a negative impact on SEO. 

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