7 Best Examples Of Landing Page That Converts ( And How To Make it)

Landing Page Example

Landing pages are the best performing page of your site. It is designed especially with the intent of converting visitors into leads.

When I used to design landing pages for the company websites, creating them effective was the main challenge for me.

So, to help you out in building a converting landing page, we have gathered some examples of landing pages here.

If you do not know about landing page meaning, the examples given below will give you an idea about it.

Is your site featuring a landing page design that can increase conversions for PPC or email marketing campaign?

If the answer is yes, the success of your business will skyrocket within few months.

So now, let us move forward to the example of landing page and some of the best landing pages 2021

1. Contest Landing Page Example from Trip A Deal 

Take flight with this US $13K giveaway

A powerful and catchy headline will attract visitors and display what they will get after joining a giveaway.

It’s really an effectual landing page made by the Trip A deal Company.

The optimization of bullet points is performed for helping visitors in finding out the prize. In addition, high quality images are there to provide the virtual feel of the trip.

One can consider it as the best example of landing page.

landing page examples

See what this page does

  • Gives a comprehensive and captivating offer.
  • This one informs the visitors about what they will get after entering their name and email address.
  • Details will be provided in bullet points that visitors can scan easily.
  • Simple, short, and direct buttons make this the best practice landing page.

How to make it better?

  • Left-alignment is important so that the texts can be read easily.

2. e-Book Opt-in Page Example from Digital Art Classes

It is offering photography eBook that assists the company in getting more leads

A free e-book is a reliable online marketing lead magnet that results in valuable leads and passes user intent knowledge to the visitors.

When your site has a compelling landing page for the e-book, visitors will love to download it. Another smart example of landing page is here in front of you.

landing page examples- freepage

See what this page does

  • Catchy headline, optimized words, and clear benefit. The headline provides a benefit and the subheading is carrying the name of a well-known photo editing tool Photoshop.
  • Such a perfect example of landing page won’t be found anywhere else.

How we’d make it even better?

  • The image of an e-book mock-up should be included too.
  • The current background image is a bit vague and may not be relevant to the offer.
  • It’s much better if visitors can have a preview of what they’ll get.

 3. Event Page from Sweet Life

Collecting registration data related to an event


online event landing page example

Best thing that this page does

Containing two easy to fill forms fields only, which ask name and email. Also, it has two countdown timers that persuade customers to take action quickly.

Visitors feel motivated and take action to reserve their seats before the ending of the event. Free and No Cost in the subheadlines are kept in the capital letters that make the event attractive.

We can call it one of the compelling example of landing page.

How to make it better?

  • With the additional lines, visitors are aware of the fact that they will receive gifts despite not attending the event.
  • Reviews or testimonials can enhance trust in prospects along with doing conversion rates improvement.

 4. Newsletter Signup Landing Page Example from Bucketlist Bombshells

Increasing leads with email opt-in form

A dedicated landing page for your email-marketing list is necessary for lead generation. Let you utilize all the optimization techniques for leads and levelling up the potential purchases.

newsletter landing page examples

Best thing that this page does

  • Headline and sub-headline go hand to hand for building a strong value proposition.
  • The headline clearly tells what visitors are required to do and the sub-headline provides detailed info on what they will receive after that.
  • The existence of only two form fields including email and first name is best in terms of landing page design.

How to make it better?

  • A/B examines different CTA copy such as “Let me in” and “inspire me”.
  • Apart from that, showing some reviews or testimonials helped in winning visitors trust.

 5. Sales Page Example from The BOD

Boosting sales with the sales landing page

sales landing page examples

This is the perfect sales page example and top example of a lead page for turning visitors into converting customers. With the development of this landing page, prospects get an idea of what and how your product will sort out their problem.

Therefore, they will purchase the product right now.

Best thing that this page does

  • “Do you want” sub-headline is an intelligent way to catch the attention of visitors and arouse their curiosity? As u can see, the form headline tells the prospects that joining the challenge requires paying $1 only.
  • For a sales page template, 3 form fields are enough when no personal information is being asked.

How to make it better?

  • Modify the call to action button and the CTA copy should be extra attractive.
  • Take this example of landing page and do improvement as required on your landing page.

 6. Product Discount Sales Page Example from TCG Player 

Designing a high converting sales landing page for boosting up purchases.

Sales landing pages allow you to do promotion of products and reach out to your audience in an effective way.

Utilize a long sales page and the right techniques, customers will trust and get in touch with you.

Best thing that this page does

profile discount landing page examples

This example of landing page features absorbing headline and sub-headline.

By working together and keeping a convincing offer, the headline “24 hours only” signifies that the offer is for a limited time so visitors have to take action now.

How to make it better?

  • Tweak the CTAs color and size to make them visible.
  • Include the logo to win the trust of prospects.
  • Change the color and size of CTAs to make them more visible.
  • Add the logo of the brand/store to build trust with prospects.
  • Be smart enough to replace “24 hours only” with a countdown timer to boost the sense of urgency.

7. Webinar Landing Page Example from Officially Quigley

Providing a giveaway workshop to increase sales lead generation

Webinar landing pages are an ideal way to educate the customers and give a short insight.

Additionally, the brand can collect more number of registrations. Employ this technique for earning potential customers and registering for the next event.

It is an ideal and excellent example of landing page.

webinar landing page examples

Best thing that this page does

  • The headline is clearly pointing out that they will describe visitors what they will receive after conversion. Two form fields are sufficient in convincing the visitors for opting in. They avoid for asking personal information.

How we’d make it even better?

  • Create the CTA button in a compelling way by employing the first person and modifying color. Improve conversion rate by using multiple CTAs.
  • Presenting social proof will make it a highly convincing offer.

Top 5 Recommended Landing Page Software

1. Leadpages


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Leadpages is a magical tool for the development of landing pages. I have 5+ experience of using this tool. It boasts many templates for kick-starting conversion. Both customizable and responsible pages are available at the leadpages platform. Leadpages pricing is $25 per month. Isn’t the leadpages cost is pocket friendly for your brand?

2. Instapage


instapage icon

Instapage is the platform where designing a landing page is a piece of cake. It is the market leader in post click automation.

Digital advertisers are influencing the advertising technique by merging the post-click step of the advertising funnel. Upsurge the conversion by building a personalized and optimized landing page with Instapage .

3. Unbounce

unbounce icon landing page cost

Unbounce is a time-saving landing page builder but it can be a costly option for you. You can build a landing page in a flow with some simple to use features. It is a great and effective landing page builder. Customize the pages with full freedom. Show your example of landing page and surprise your others.

4. Wishpond

Wishpond icon jpg

Wishpond assists us to solve many facets of inbound lead generation and automated email marketing. The results were outstanding but everything like landing pages, lists, and forms on the same platform can change the whole scenario.

5. Lander

lander icon landing page

It takes a few minutes to build landing pages free with Lander. Test three different versions of your landing page with the A/B testing tool. Become a professional marketer with Lander.

Wrapping It Up

As you have learned about landing page definition and how to build landing page by using the above tools, try your hands now on designing landing pages today.

We would recommend you to use Leadpages for constructing a well-designed landing page.

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