A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Mailing In 2021


Brands face plenty of daily challenges to grow their business and meet prospective customers. Reaching out to a wider audience is one of the biggest difficulties for them.

Today, the world has a total of 3.9 billion email users according to Statista. If you are doing business today, email mailing provides a great way for brand awareness.

So, how a brand can connect with the global audience in this highly competitive environment with email mailing?

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I was having problems too in the beginning while learning all these. Being consistent has taught me the proper ways to implement email marketing in a business.

What I’ve learned about Email Mailing?

An email has eased the ways to promote a business and sell a product or service. It has a variety of usage but using it smartly in your business will drive more sales.

I’m going to tell you some specific techniques for successful Email mailing in this piece of content.

For a beginner, this will be quite helpful to learn about email marketing. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

What Is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing

Email Marketing is a brilliant digital marketing strategy to connect with potential customers.

This involves the use of emails for promoting the brand and sells products or services to targeted customers.

Making your customers aware of new products and offers is easier with email marketing efforts.

It plays a crucial role in lead generation, forming a meaningful relationship with the customers, and persuading them to purchase an item.

With some marketing automation efforts, a business can take full advantage of email mailing for growing their business.

Did you know?

The concept of Email was introduced in the 19th century when Ray Tomlinson sent the first-ever email.

His message contained a string of numbers and letters only but this being a new way of interaction.

If we know about @ symbol today, credit goes to Tomlinson only.

Now, it has become extremely important for everyone to have an email account.

We have seen drastic changes in the way brands are using email for advertisement purposes.

Importance Of Email Mailing

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Despite the use of social media and websites, email mailing can increase customer loyalty and leads. An intelligent email marketing agency knows how to use it in a business marketing strategy effectively.

Today, email captures a big section of our lives. Professionals, individuals, students, consumers, and many others are using it.

Some of our works are impossible to carry out without the use of email marketing.

  • The number of expected email users may grow up to 4.3 billion by 2023 according to data published by Radicati Group.
  • Pew Research data show that 92% of adults in the US are email users and 61% of them are actively using it.

Marketers can use email marketing to create a perfect marketing plan for a brand. A recent study by the DMA found that with every $1 spent on email marketing, it could provide a 38% return on investment.

This number matters a lot for any brand. The points given below will tell you why email marketing has become more significant.

Email marketing offers an incredible way to connect with targeted customers and share updates regarding new product launches, rewards, and so on.

  • This technique of digital marketing is quite affordable for reaching a wider number of people
  • Email marketing is easily measurable. There are certain email marketing tools to track the performance of your email marketing campaign.
  • Well-curated emails will drive higher conversion rates on mobile too because 54% of all emails are opened on a mobile device according to the Litmus statistics.
  • As per the Hubspot research data, 73% of millennials choose email for business communication.
  • Besides, 78% of marketers have experienced growth in email engagement in the past 12 months.
  • It lets you send personalized and tailored messages depending on the customer’s actions.
  • Brands that share email daily in high volumes can try ESP for collecting the recipient’s info and understanding their behavior.
  • 80% of business professionals think that email marketing enhances customer retention.

Email Mailing is primarily important because of your rivals. If they are doing it, you must do it too.

Your business will only stay competitive in the marketplace after implementing smartly planned email marketing efforts.

Email marketing has become a widely popular marketing technique for business because this persuades the users to take some course of action like purchasing a product.

Moreover, it can drive a high amount of traffic to your blog, social media, or wherever you want people to visit.

Types Of Email Mailing

types of email marketing

I would like to categorize email mailing into two including:

  1. Promotional
  2. Informational.

Promotional email targets those people, to whom you want to promote your product, meeting, webinar, ebook release, etc. It has a short and clear call to action, which is sent when needed.

Informational email is intended to inform the targeted customers. It contains a newsletter and simple announcements.

In pandemic times, email played a key role in keeping the communication seamless between customers and brands. To learn more about it,Hubspot emailingis a great platform to know about it.

Benefits Of Email Mailing


From increasing sales, improving brand loyalty and brand awareness to serving a proper way of business communicationchoosing the best emailing service can do a lot more.

Email automation is the right way to enhance productiveness in your organization too. It fulfills the following objectives:

  • Conversion is the first purpose that email marketing serves. Email mailing a discount or special offer or abandoned cart email will drive more sales with a higher conversion rate.
  • I have already talked about its scalability and thus it spread brand awareness in a very short time
  • Customer loyalty comes first to my mind when I talk about email automation.

 How Does Email Mailing Work?

How email marketing work

There are certain stages of email mailing that a brand goes through while developing a proper email marketing campaign. A brand starts by creating a list of subscribers who want to get messages from them.

Building an appropriate email list involves the use of a signup form, signup sheet, and collecting signups through social media.

Building Email Mailing List

Email list


When people will visit your website and love to see what is being shown on it, they may want to stay informed about your brand.

Thus, creating a form for letter sign-ups and installing a pop up will be helpful in collecting visitors’ data. After that, the business can draft a tailored message for them.

If you are trying to sell something, think from the reader’s perspective.

They may not accept sales pitches every time. Understanding their interest will give you an idea about what kind of content your email needs.

You can use the trick of hosting content, easily shareable email, free downloads, and building a landing page for boosting the number of email subscribers.

Choosing Email Service Provider

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Once you have the email list, the next thing is to add an ESP (email service provider). Its specific software is designed for sending and managing an email marketing campaign.

I like to call it an email mailing platform, email marketing tool, or email marketing software.

The most crucial role is played by the email service provider in creating a successful email marketing campaign. Internet Service Providers are not suitable for email marketing motives.

Even though it enables you to send a huge number of emails at a time through Gmail, it will be treated as a spam activity. As a result, your account can be blocked by Google.

On the other hand, ESP ensures the timely delivery of emails directly to the account owner.

Starting Your first Email Marketing Campaign

emails marketing vs all marketing

So, are you planning to dive into the world of email marketing? Follow these things to start your first Email Marketing Campaign.

1) Select Email Mailing Software

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Decide which email mailing software is suitable for your business. It is a cumbersome task to decide what email mailing software will be right for your business. To find out, discover your needs first.

  • Plan your budget
  • Try to know the required email volume
  • Focus on the content preparation
  • Figure out if the ESP you have selected is offering email automation or not.

2) Keep up the growth of Email List

No list can grow without amazing content. Design an infographic, report, checklist, and offer ebook downloads free of cost. Share special offers and discounts to add more people to your email list.

3) Set a Welcome Email for New Subscribers

When a visitor to your site will sign up to your created list, it means they are attracted to your brand. Keep

engaged by setting up a welcome email for the new subscribers.

It is just an automated message sent to the new subscribers. Do whatever you can for bringing their interest towards your business.


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Email marketing will continue to be the favorite digital marketing strategy for companies.

Research and find a reputed email-marketing agency to use email mailing in your business today. Grow your business smartly and avoid the fear of failing.


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