Conversion Rate Optimizer: How To Turn Website Visitor Into Customer?

During the early stages of online business, site owners look for ways to drive traffic, but do you know why?

The fact is conversions depend highly on website traffic.

With the internet becoming a leading source of discovery for consumers, it’s important to know how to improve your website conversion rates.

Conversion rate optimization is a priority for many businesses online.

It’s important to know what a conversion rate is, why it’s important, and how to increase it.

A conversion rate is a measure of how many people take a desired action (buy a product, register for a service, etc.) after they’ve come to your website & Conversion Rate Optimizer made it possible.

For instance, if you are running an eCommerce site, then you want visitors to purchase a product.

This is when a conversion takes place, as your site is optimized and able to influence visitors’ minds.

However, what can you do is to improve conversion.

So now, it is time to discover everything in detail.

What are conversion, conversion rate, and conversion rate optimizers?

Conversion Rate Optimizer Example

Conversion refers to the completion of a site goal by the user.

It is of two types, namely:

  1. Macro conversion
  2. Micro-conversion

In macro conversion, the main goal of the site could be buying a product or service, requesting a quote, and so on.

On the other hand, smaller or micro-conversion involves subscribing to an email list, create an account, loading a product to the cart, etc.

What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate equals the number of times when site users fulfill the purpose divided by the traffic.

If a user is converted after every visit, the number of conversions can be divided by the number of sessions.

Similarly, the number of conversions is divided by the number of users in case a site is offering a subscription to a service.

For a detailed way of calculating conversion rate, wait for the next section.

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What Is Conversion Rate Optimizer?

Conversion rate optimizer plays a crucial role in increasing conversion rate.

It includes the use of conversion rate optimization tools for boosting traffic by improving site and content.

When the conversion rate is high, it means your site possesses attractive design, good content, and able to impact the targeted audience.

Some call it conversion content strategy optimization, lead conversion optimization, or relationship rate optimization.

With a conversion rate optimizer, businesses can do a lot. They can decrease:-

  • acquisition cost
  • earn higher value from the leads
  • increase revenue, etc.

To keep the conversion rate high, you must be aware of where, what, and whom to optimize for.

This is one of the conversion rate optimization strategies secret.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Here are a few conversion rate optimizer tips that are sure to boost your website conversion rates and help you turn visitors into customers.

1) A/B Testing

A/B testing is similar to a research study where traffic is divided into two groups.

Both of them are asked to see your site but in two different versions.

This lets you determine how your site elements like font, colors, buttons, or headlines can affect the perception of the user.

For instance, you can see how Wikipedia performed A/B testing on its platform.

Illustration Conversion Rate Optimizer

In the 2008 election, even former President Barack Obama used this method in the election campaign.

During that time, Obama’s team split-tested the website of the campaign.

They used 24 dissimilar versions of the site, which helped to gather 2.8 million email addresses.

Here, only one thing is changed to study the improvement and figuring out the right conversion rate optimizer.

Taking inspiration from them, you should do A/B testing too, while focusing on headlines, colors of design elements, placement of buttons, media, call to action, page layout, copy, etc.

Use conversion rate optimization software like Optimizely for getting the most meaningful results

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2. Customer Value Proposition

What value you are adding to your site for bringing customers?

Imagine yourself as a customer and now ask the brand “Why should I buy from you?”

That’s why building a strong and well-designed CVP (Customer Value Proposition) will take you to the end of the customer conversation funnel.

Customer Value Proposition

It will help in understanding the entire why, values, and whether you have the customer’s trust or not.

Also, make sure that your CVP contains a headline, subtitle, bullet points, images, and social proof.

Even one line of CVP will work to surge the conversion rate.

3. Adopt the use of conversational language

When you are talking to a friend, what you do? Don’t you ask about their career or job?

You will end up scolding your friend if he explains the same in a language that you won’t understand isn’t it?

Everyone loves to hear something in clear and understandable language.

It’s recommended to avoid the use of complex words and keep it simple.

Follow a conversational tone instead of putting effort to sound smart.

4. Creating a sense of urgency

Sense of Urgency For Conversion Rate Optimizer

Some brands use lines like “stocks are limited, hurry up!”, “Only a few pieces are left”, and many more. It creates a sense of urgency and gives a push to customers in taking a wishful or desired action.

Presenting too many options in front of customers affects their purchase decision. They have no choice other than to buy nothing.

Create urgency and you will find the prospects purchasing the products, which is available in a limited amount.

It assists in tackling the purchasing decision of customers when options are many.

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5. Be straightforward and solve worries 

Sometimes, your customer comes in a worried and confused mood.

For example, if a prospect visiting a cloth shop for buying jeans for then the first question he will be asking “is it right for himself?”

Now, a staff notice and asks “what’s the problem, Sir?” The  prospect replies, “this jeans see, too loose to my waist.” The staff picks the tape to measure the prospect’s waist and see the jeans size.

Literally, it was so he agreed to a quick fix and then the prospect decided to purchase the product.

So by dealing with concerns and solving my worries, he sold jeans to me. You have to use the same tactics online for addressing customer issues.

Solve their issues and explain them too. Show your credibility using ratings, rewards, and certificates.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

There are two ways to calculate conversion rate as follows:-

1. If a user can convert each time he visits the site:

Suppose you are running an eCommerce site. Your friend has just visited your website and check all the listed products.

He buys a product on a session, which means on his first visit. On the second and third visit (session), he has created three opportunities to convert.

In the first session, he might be checking the site features and products.

On the next visit, your friend may have bought his desired product. This is when the conversion took place.

He visits again after some time and purchases a product for one of his family members, leading to another conversion.

In this case, the conversion rate will be calculated by dividing every unique purchase by the total number of sessions.

2) If a user convert once

Now, imagine you have another site that sells affiliate products or subscriptions to a service like monthly delivery of foods. This time, your friend may come to your site many times, but the conversion will occur only once.

Because he has already completed the site’s goal of purchasing the subscription.

Here, the user visited the site and explored everything. In the next session, he subscribed to the service and contributed to a conversion.

Now, he will come only for reading blogs and getting updates. Your friend is unable to convert every time they visit.

You can measure the conversion rate in this case by dividing every order by the number of the unique user.

Conversion Rate Optimizer List

After knowing what is conversion optimization, conversation optimization strategies, now we should look on what are the other ways of how to optimize your website for conversion?

For more, you can use a conversion rate optimizer tool that we are sharing here.

1. Google Optimize

Conversion Rate Optimizer: Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free marketing tool and one of the most used conversion rate optimizer. Using it, you can run A/B testing on your site and redirect tests. Moreover, Google optimize allows you to optimize your site in such a way that meets audience needs.

2. SEMrush 

Semrush conversion rate optimizer

SEMrush is a great tool for conversion rate optimization. It performs site auditing and tells you the elements that need to be fixed or changed.

3. Webinar Ninja 

Webinarninja Conversion Rate Optimizer

Do you love to promote your business with webinars?

If yes, then Webinar Ninja is the right tool for you.

It serves as a conversion rate optimizer when you explain your business to the targeted audience.

After that, your viewers visit your site and may act.


How does conversion rate optimization work?

Conversation rate optimization involves perfecting the website or landing page, which will increase visitors and persuade them to perform the desired course of action.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

It will reduce customer acquisition costs by earning value from visitors and users on your site. Conversion rate optimization leads to an increase in profit and gaining an edge over competitors.

How do I optimize my website for conversions?

The most important thing is to drive traffic. You will have to follow conversion rate optimization best practices.

This ranges from analyzing site data, performing keyword research, getting quality backlinks, and altering site elements.


You know that conversion rate is the average percentage of visitors who take a desired action on a website. But are you getting the most out of your current conversion rate?
1. Optimize your landing page
2. Optimize your website
3. Test your calls to action
4. Test your ad copy
5. Understand your audience

Never let the conversion rate fall if you want the sales to go high.

Plenty of conversion rate optimizer is available for you to assist.

Let us know in the comment below, How you are going to apply these conversion rate strategies?

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