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Set-up Webinar With WebinarNinja

The covid-19 pandemic brought many changes in all the sectors. Businesses had to switch from workplace to work from home culture. In that situation, meetings started to happen online too.

This is when many video conferencing platforms benefitted and earned a high number of customers.

Video conferencing platforms were not limited to meetings only. They were also used for organizing webinars. In a webinar, a group of people connects for the discussion on a specific topic, workshop, lecture, presentation, training, seminars, and classroom lectures.

Eventually, individuals who want to market a product can use a webinar platform for selling and advertising it. It saves renting and catering company costs, time in selecting the venue, and so on.

I was searching for the best webinar software and fortunately, one of my close friends recommended WebinarNinja to me. I tried it and ended up with a delightful experience.

It was a proud moment for me to connect with prospects and talk about my ideas on WebinarNinja. This webinar tool has truly boosted my confidence.

What is WebinarNinja?

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WebinarNinja is specialized webinar software for coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants, and creators. It is a straightforward webinar tool to use. Any individual can organize a webinar without any hassle.

The process will not consume more than 10 seconds. You can personalize registration pages and email notifications in your way. Attendees can join the webinar using browsers instead of downloading the software directly.

Steps to Create Webinar with WebinarNinja

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Step 1: First of all, login or create your account at WebinarNinja. 

Step 2: To conduct your webinar, you will have to upgrade your account to a creator so buy a plan or you can sign up for 14 days free trial option too from the pricing page. 

Step 3: After performing the above steps, click on the second icon on the left sidebar to enter “My Webinars” and click on “Create New Button” represented with a blue button. 

Step 4: When the next page opens, choose the webinar type based on your choice. 

Step 5: Enter the details of your webinar such as Title, presenter name, date, time, duration, etc. By default, the maximum duration of a webinar depends on your selected plan.

Step 6: At last, you have to click on the “Create Webinar” button. But hey, wait! How will people know about your webinar? Let’s move to the next steps. 

Steps to Share your webinar

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Before people can register for your webinar, you will have to publish it now. Make it visible for the audience so that anyone can view and register for it. For some selected people, you can keep it private and then publish it.

Step 1: Open “My Webinars” again, and click on the “Publish” button present below the created webinar title. 

Step 2: Now, you can select whether you want to keep the webinar public or private. Besides, select the desired category that matches your webinar topic. 

Step 3: Hit “Publish” and congrats because your webinar is live now. People can find it in the Webinar Finder if you have kept it public. You can also invite any person you wish.

Step 4: Now, reopen the “My Webinar” tab and click on “Share” 

Step 5: Copy the link for sharing the registration page to the webinar in a manual way. An alternate way is to click on any social media icon present there for posting the link on-page. If someone will register, he will get the link for joining your webinar. 

Note: Don’t forget to add the webinar content for attracting people. You can upload videos, slides, create polls, and offers too. Each of these things can be done with the help of the webinar studio. 

Steps to add content to your webinar

Step 1: Open Webinar Studio by visiting your “My Webinar” section. Click on the “Webinar Studio” button present on the right side of the title. It will let you test the mic and camera both. Skip them if you don’t want to but it’s good to test them to avoid any future problems. 

Step 2: Click “Enter Studio” > “Flip Chart” icon > “Play” icon for uploading slides or a video. When you are ready to go live, just click on “Start Broadcast” at the scheduled timing or whenever you wish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What set Webinar Ninja apart from other webinar tools?

Webinar Ninja does the same that people expect it to do. It has numerous features, which a business person can use to organize a webinar. We let you run any paid, free, and even automated webinar based on your need.

2) Is it compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, all your attendees can join the webinar using their mobile devices. You must be using an android or iOS device for this.

3) Is there any support from the WebinarNinja team? 

WebinarNinja team is always available to help its clients. It offers chat and email support seven days a week.

4) Does WebinarNinja provide third-party integration?

You can integrate WebinarNinja with more than 100 applications by using Zapier. The platform is already working to improve user experience direct API integration.

5) How much WebinarNinja costs?

WebinarNinja offers four plans including Starter( $39/month), Pro( $79/month), Plus( $129/month), and Power( $199/month). The acceptable payment method is via Visa, MasterCard, and America Express.

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