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Best SEO writing assistant free SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant  Review
Two of the most dangerous combination to rule on the digital space is none other than content and SEO (search engine optimization). Content alone can give your site a value and make it look informative but it’s the SEO efforts, which can bring traffic to your site.

If you want to stay in the business in a long run, you have to use both of them, as they are equally important for you. Don’t underestimate the power of a SEO writing assistant tool. Yes! You heard it right.
With the Semrush SEO writing assistant tool, you can optimize your content easily. Nowadays, business tools are doing things beyond our imagination and Semrush writing assistant tool is one of them powered with full capability to turn your content SEO-friendly.
It transform your content into a fully SEO optimized one by recommending some keywords. Let’s understand the entire concept of Semrush writing assistant feature– how it works, what it does, and everything else.

What is Semrush writing assistant tool?

SEO Writing Assistant: SEO Writing Tool for Optimized Content

When it comes to content writing, your job doesn’t complete only by writing the content. Making it SEO-friendly is the another task where you have to focus on.
This is when you have to spend some extra time in optimization. You have already done writing, proofreading, and finalizing the content and now optimizing can be frustrating for you.
If you want to ease optimization work in your content, Semrush Writing Assistant tool is a great choice for you.

What it does?

It provides a quick content optimization recommendations taking into account the Google’s top 10 ranking pages for your keywords and the location.
Along with that, Semrush Seo writing assistant will provide you semantically related keywords after analysing your content. It can also check for the links and identify the tone of your written text.


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  •  Easy to use: Semrush writing assistant is an easy to use software. It may take 3-5 minutes to analyse your content and then the suggestions and errors will be displayed instantly.
  • Shows Keyword Suggestions: Enter the target keyword in the right side to get a number of related keywords along with their volume and difficulty
  • Change Tone: Change the tone of your content to meet the targeted audience’s taste
  • Plagiarism: Google strictly hates the sites that posts plagiarised content. Semrush Writing Assistant validates whether the content written by you is original or not.
  • Readability Score: Semrush Writing Assistant uses  Flesch-Kincaid reading-ease score for identifying the readability of your content.
  • The  tool will show you the weak points that need improvement.
  • Overall Score: Gives you the overall score after analysing every text in your content.

A good piece of content meets the needs of your audience and is highly visible online. To make sure your copy complies with both requirements before publication, you have to take into account various parameters.

Using SEO Writing Assistant, all you have to do is type your target keywords for a copy to get a list of actionable SEO recommendations.

  • Enrich your text with recommended keywords Include semantically related keywords in your copy to make it comply with what a reader expects from your content.
  • Make sure you don’t overuse certain keywords The tool will inform you if any keyword you target is used too frequently in your text.
  • Take care of alt attributes You’ll be reminded to add alt attributes to your images.
  • Ensure your links are not broken The tool warns you if any broken links are detected in your text.

SEO Writing Assistant helps you to make sure that, before publication, your text is perfectly structured for target keywords to satisfy user intent, and is written in an SEO-friendly style to comply with search engine guidelines.

All the recommendations and analysis are based on your top 10 rivals in Google rankings for your target keywords. All these metrics are interactive, which means they alter on a live basis
depending on changes you make in your copy.

Fine-tune Your Content’s Readability

Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. The more readable a piece of content is, the more likely a user is to read through the entire text.

The SEO Writing Assistant algorithm is based on the Flesch reading-ease score formula and helps you:

  •  Adjust your copy’s readability The tool analyzes your copy’s complexity, compares it to an average score for your top 10 rivals in Google rankings and assigns a readability score to target.
  • Get recommendation on word count SEO Writing Assistant sets you a goal according to the average word count of your rivals’ content and calculates the approximate reading time of your copy.
  • Optimize your title The tool warns you about the absence of a title and will advise whether it complies with Google’s guidelines.
  • Make sure your copy is easy to read SEO Writing Assistant identifies hard to read sentences, long words, and paragraphs in your copy.
    If your copy’s readability digresses from the target, think about how the language should be changed to make it more readable for your audience.

Maintain Your Brand’s Tone of Voice in Each Content Piece

A brand’s tone of voice is extremely important when it comes to creating content and communicating with your audience online. And the key is consistency.

SEO Writing Assistant helps you to make sure that every content piece complies with your overall brand voice. Select the preferable tone of voice goal — casual, neutral or formal — or let our algorithm identify it.

Not only can you see where your text lies on this scale, but you can also see your most casual and most formal sentences that stand out from the overall text, so you can modify them to suit the overall tone of the piece.

The Tone of Voice feature is powered by a machine-learning algorithm and thousands of human-rated pieces of text.

Check Your Content for Originality with Plagiarism Checker

Is Semrush Plagiarism Checker Any Good to Check Content?

Original key is the key to attracting reader’s attention. Unique content brings value to your audience, helps your brand stand out from your competition and ranks higher.

Original content is the key to attracting readers’ attention. In the effort to create it, content marketers face two challenges:

  • finding a unique angle for popular and well-covered topics
  • making sure content written by freelance writers is original

The Plagiarism checker feature detects the total percentage of copied words in your text and identifies original sources of content from across
the internet.
This feature is available for all languages and is extremely useful if you want to check your own content for originality or monitor the work of your freelance or in-house copywriters.

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