10 Kickass AI Social Media Tools

What does it take to have a strong online presence of your business on social media? (Think a while)

The RIGHT tool.

It’s no secret that social media is a powerful marketing tool.

But, if you’re going to do it right, you need to have the right tools in your hand.

Social media is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your field, market your business, and reach out to customers.

However, the trick to growing your business on social media is to not mere posting but to post strategically.

Hence, it’s crucial for a marketer and social media manager to use the AI Social Media Tools.

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So, to facilitate your job role as a social media manager or a marketer, we are introducing here 7 kickass AI social media tools and their benefits.

Best AI Social Media Tools

1) Finteza

Finteza: Best SMM Tool

Finteza is a free analytics and one of the best AI social media tools, which offers real-time details of website and app analytics.

The primary focus of this app is on conversion rate optimization according to the sales funnel.

It provides you many important information about your social media campaigns.

Apart from that, Finteza shows some metrics that Google Analytics can’t give.

The tool builds a conversion funnel to make you understand how social media users are behaving to your website.


  • Comes with an intuitive dashboard where all the compiled data can be viewed easily
  • Let’s you access the performance of the call-to-actions in your funnel
  • Serves real time data in just 2-3 minutes
  • You can’t deceive this tool as it doesn’t allow you to buy traffic in the form of bots
  • Enhances return on investment by fixing the low performing elements on your site
  • Permits you to retarget an ad for re-engaging users and display only targeted content to the customer

2) Awario

Awario: a reliable social media marketing tool

Awario is considered a leading social media listening tool among social media marketers.

The platform aims to make social listening, social media analytics, and competitive intelligence convenient and economical.

It has been featured by Neil Patel, Forbes, Moz, and many other market leaders.

Awario- social media listening tool

What attracts people towards Awario are its enterprise-level capabilities, which utilize Boolean search and sentiment analysis.


  • Offering free trial without any need of sharing credit card details
  • Constantly monitors the entire web for your mentions
  • Share real time insights about your business
  • Added Powerful Analytics drives more reach to your social profile
  • Multi-language support can track keyword mention in any language

3) BuzzSumo

Most Used Social Media Marketing tool

Research has a significant role in social media marketing and for this purpose, you can use Buzzsumo platform.

Millions of marketers around the world are using it for marketing and research.

It keeps crawling the web and social media all the time to share viral content with its users.

You can know what’s trending over social media and the web the most.

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  • Gain access to highly shared and popular content on web
  • Improves your marketing strategy by giving you access to years of indexed dataset
  • Helps to catch up right opportunities
  • Easy to use
  • Find influencers from different parts of the world in your niche
  • Content management, campaign analytics, social media integration, and much more is there to explore

4) SocialPilot

SocialPilot Social Media Marketing Software

SocialPilot is a widely used AI social media tool for marketing on several channels.

No matter if, you want to schedule a post or analyze your social media marketing strategy, this tool lets you do everything on the go.

It is the one of the most suitable tool for building a strong visibility on social media.

And what’s the best part?

You can add up to 5 team members for streamlining the workflow.


  • Users can connect up to 9 social media networks and 100 social profiles
  • Keep an eye on your social media marketing activities and performance
  • Its bulk scheduling feature supports up to the scheduling of 100 posts at a time
  • Quick to set up everything in its straightforward interface

5) Feedly

Feedly - Popular AI social media platform

Do you want some content ideas for your blog and social media posts?

Are you looking for wide variety of contents to read on?

Don’t worry because Feedly has your back. It compiles highly engaging contents from a number of niches and platforms.

The in-built AI bot analyses your behaviour and perceives your reading habits.

Then, it provides you the contents under priorities tab that you may be interested in reading.


  • Available in the form of cloud based web platform and mobile application
  • Content filtering option to show the contents that you like
  • LEO AI-research assistant for taking control over reading feed
  • Able to integrate with the third party applications and social media
  • Multi-language support

6) NapoleonCat

Gain a full control over your social media business page with NapoleonCat.


It’s an AI social media tool designed especially for social media marketers.

With this social media management tool, you can handle multiple pages across various social media channels.

The platforms claim to save up to 70% time and energy of the marketing team.

If you want to try this tool, sign up for its free trial today without sharing any credit card information.


  • Simplifies customer social service by permitting you to interact with customers of various channels with single inbox
  • Provides customization, auto-moderation, advanced analytics, collaboration features, and much more
  • Works best in terms of improving teamwork and response rates
  • Compatible with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, and Twitter

7) Ingramer

Ingramer instagram tool

Ingramer supply its users a set of tools for improving brand awareness and increasing sales on instagram.

You can grow organic followers and likes on your instagram page.

Moreover, you can analyze your main competitors and perceiving their content marketing strategy.

This AI social media tool eases selling by streamlining leads using AI targeting so that you can reach to more potential customers.


  • Keep your instagram feed fresh and updated by scheduling posts regularly
  • Use its AI Hashtag generator for enhancing reach and knowing current trends
  • You can setup a chatbot for automating replies to your page visitors
  • Send bulk DMs for promoting your page
  • Search for instagram influencers on various niche

Benefits of AI Social Media Tools

It’s not wrong to say that AI is ruling in most of the industry today and even social media is not untouched.

This has given a birth to numerous AI social media tools that offers the following benefits:

Saving Time

  • AI social media tools can help to create posts faster than you can do
  • By automating some repetitive tasks, it provides you free time to focus on high value tasks
  • Simplifies social media posting, scheduling, and many relevant tasks
  • It learns from historical raw data to figure out what kind of posts are catching audience’s interests

Less Efforts & More Results

  • AI social media tools can curate right and effective ads for your business and thus leads to successful marketing campaigns
  • Analyses the behavior of your target audience and assist in determining the right posting strategy

Boost Revenue

  • Increases efficiency of your social media content and strategy that brings engagement
  • Identify the channels that work the best in driving engagement and getting results

Over to you

Businesses throughout the world are relied on social media today to some extent for sales, brand awareness, and creating a positive identity among the targeted audience.

Therefore, it becomes vital to use AI social media tools to get some job done like posting, performance tracking etc. without human intervention.

If you will ask for our recommendation from above options, we will suggest below tools:

  • Feedly and BuzzSumo- Content ideas
  • SocialPilot- Managing your business page
  • Finteza- Getting analytics report

Do you know any other AI-BaseSocialPilot Review 2021: Don’t Buy Before Reading This!d social media tools? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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